Georgia Speech Series 1 Asynchronous

2023 — Online, GA/US

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to kick off the second annual series of asynchronous speech scrimmages for your programs. While this set of speech events is designed to help grow individual events in Georgia and provide more opportunities for competition as we return in-person, it is open to all schools and programs.

The full invitation, event details and all other information can be found in the link above.

For this series, there are no entry fees for Georgia schools. Schools outside of Georgia and independent entries within Georgia will be charged a low cost fee of $5 per entry. Regardless of geographic location, schools are required to provide judges to cover their entry. A limited number of judges can be hired through the tournament.

Thursday, 9/7 at 8:00am EST – Limited Prep Topics will be posted
Tuesday, 9/19 at 5:00pm EST – Entries and Judges Names are due and fees are frozen. Recordings will be due via Tabroom. Any entry without a recording will be dropped at this time but still charged towards the schools entry fees.
Tuesday, 9/19 at 8:00pm EST – Preliminary rounds will be released
Thursday, 9/21 at 7:00pm EST – Preliminary rounds are due
Thursday, 9/21 at 9:00pm EST – If necessary, Elimination Rounds are posted
Saturday, 9/23 at 11:00am EST – Elimination Rounds are due
Saturday, 9/23 by 2:00pm EST – Results will be released

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or email us.

Jeffrey Miller & Abby Schirmer
Marist School