Marist Scrimmage Series 1

2023 — NSDA Campus, GA/US

Hi Colleagues!

We are excited to welcome your first year debaters in public forum and policy debate opportunities to debate before their first tournament. In it's 9th year of existence, the scrimmage offers a great opportunity to replace a practice with a real debate against other students from another school.

Divisions Offered

-- JV policy division
-- GFCA packet novice policy division (restrictions explained below)
-- GFCA packet rookie policy division (restrictions explained below)
-- novice public forum division
-- a middle school public forum division (first year MS debaters only, please!)
-- novice lincoln douglas

Differences Between Rookie and Novice

As you may notice, there are two first year policy debate divisions. ROOKIE is intended for students who have never competed in any type of speech or debate - they are in their absolute FIRST competition ever. NOVICE is intended for students in their first year of high school competition - if your student did ANY type of middle school speech and debate competition, they would compete in NOVICE, not rookie.

Both divisions use the GFCA novice evidence packet which can be downloaded here.

Costs & Platform

There is no cost for you! Entry is completely free as long as you provide one judge for every two teams or fraction thereof.

The event will be hosted through a Zoom Room Management System where the zoom link will be provided to coaches and competitors the day of the competition. We recommend each competitor have the most updated zoom software in order for them to place themselves into breakout rooms.


4:15pm EST -- Round 1 of Policy Divisions (Pairings will be blasted at 3:45pm EST)
4:30pm EST -- Round 1 of PF Divisions (Pairings will be blasted at 3:45pm EST)