MSQI Championship

2023 — New York, NY/US

Hello Coaches,


MSQI and the NYCUDL formally invite you and your students to the MSQI Championship Tournament on Friday, June 2nd. This tournament will take place at Brooklyn Law.

The resolution for the tournament is the MSQI T2 resolution, “Resolved: The US federal government should legalize the use of medical marijuana.” 

All students will be put on a waitlist. Students will remain on the waitlist until the following entry requirements are verified.


1.     All students must have competed at one prior MSQI tournament.

2.     All students must have submitted their OSIS numbers to MSQI.


Each returning school, defined as a school that is in their 2nd year or more of debate, is allowed one team in each division.

For a new school, defined as a school in their 1st year of debate, they are allowed two teams in the novice division.

There will be a division check performed by the NYCUDL. Students may “debate up” in a division but not “down.” This is defined as a student debating in a division higher than what they are at as per their years of experience. For example, a 2nd year student may debate in the advanced division and the intermediate division. That student may not debate in the novice division. A student that is in their 3rd year may not debate in any younger division.


If you have any question about the tournament or the requirements, please email Nick Kuroly. (

If you have any questions about Tabroom or if you need help entering your teams, please email Jesse Meyer. (