NYCUDL District 9 MS Tournament 2

2023 — New York, US

The NYCUDL and District 9 invites you, your students, and judges to attend District 9's Middle School Tournament #2. This is a LIVE event at PS 132 in the Bronx.

The resolution is:

Resolved: Colleges should be allowed to pay their student athletes.

We offer the following divisions:

Middle School


Registration: 9:00 AM

Morning meeting: 9:45 AM-10 AM

Round 1: 10:30 AM -11:15 AM

Round 2: 11:25 AM -12:10 PM

Lunch: 12:10 PM-12:30 PM

Awards: 12:30 PM- 1:00 PM


All schools are required to enter at least one judge. All coaches will be entered as judges unless another chaperone is specified to fulfill the obligation. Please enter this in tabroom or email and Emily will help enter your judges.

***If you have over 10 entries you are required to provide two judges***

If you have any questions, please reach out to and