Melissa Argyle Red Bird TFA Swing

2023 — Melissa, TX/US

Hello, and welcome to the Melissa/Argyle Red Bird TFA Swing! Below are some notes for the tournament as you enter Melissa High School.

Bus Loading: If you would load your busses or park your busses towards the back of the school near the stadium, that would be wonderful.

Tabroom: We will be in the front office for check in and other issues during the tournament.

Contacts: You can contact myself ( or Jessica Renyolds (

Hospitality: Hospitality will be set up in Brenden's classroom, located in lecture hall A130.

Rooms: All rooms will be located in the academic tower. Depending on the size of the tournament, we may expand to the portables. There will be someone with an elevator badge near every elevator to help those get on them.

Judging Form: PLEASE be advised, that even if you fill out the judge form online, this does NOT guarantee hire. Brenden, Kyle, and/or Julian will reach out about this at some point to you. If you have any questions and haven't heard back, please send Brenden an email inquiring about judging (

Congress Docket: Please read over the congress docket, and which items that we will be debating.

W9: All information about where to send your check to is located on the W9 tab.

Schedule: Please consult the schedule to see when rounds will occur.

Novice CX Packet: PLEASE READ! This has been adopted by the TFA Region, so please again read and adhere to the stipulations.

Traffic: If you want to avoid the traffic, PLEASE make sure that you get here by 3 or ELSE you will be waiting 45 minutes or SOONER.

Breaking Brackets: We will be breaking brackets in all debate events on both sides of the swing.

Updated W9: As of August 2nd, we have an updated W9 in our W9 folder in the right hand section of the page. Please look in their for the PDF of the W9.

World Schools Topics

Round One: This House opposes the use of public funds for school vouchers.

Round Two: This House opposes the use of public funds for school vouchers. (Opposite Side)

Round Three: Impromptu

Semis (If needed): This House believes that gene-editing technology should be restricted to non-human

Finals: Impromptu

Home Initiative: After talking with Preston Stotle, we will be using the home initiative.