Warriors Invitational

2023 — Online, CA/US


Champion – Aarushi Agarwal

Finalist – Spriha Pradeep

Top Speaker – Aarushi Agarwal

Second Speaker – Ayushi Singh

Prelim Records:

Aarushi Agarwal 4-0

Anirudh Rao 3-1

Spriha Pradeep 3-1

Ayushi Singh 2-2

Anya Rong 2-2

Aditya Palit 1-3

Ethan Choi 1-3

Nomin Галт 0-4

Prelim Seeds:

1 Aarushi Agarwal

2 Spriha Pradeep

3 Anirudh Rao

4 Ayushi Singh

5 Anya Rong

6 Aditya Palit

7 Ethan Choi

8 Nomin Галт

Speaker Awards:

1 Aarushi Agarwal

2 Ayushi Singh

3 Aditya Palit

4 Spriha Pradeep

5 Nomin Галт

6 Anya Rong

7 Anirudh Rao

8 Ethan Choi

Welcome to the first annual and online Warriors Invitational, held by Mission San Jose High School.

Please find the invite and all tournament logistics here.

Update: The PF division is officially closed due to low entry turn out. LD is now open but competitors will be able to debate other teams from their school.


The Warriors Invitational will be run on the following spreadsheet throughout the course of the tournament.


Results will be published on tabroom nearing the end, but we feel that this is best for organization given entry number and keeping everyone updated.

All information is provided in the spreadsheet regarding general logistics, pairings, and the schedule, but please feel free to emailmsjdebateofficers@gmail.comwith any and all inquiries.

Thank you!