Cavalier Invite

2024 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

Welcome to the 3rd Cavalier Invite!!!


With State One-Acts happening our weekend, we're going to have the following schedule:

We will have IE's on Friday night and they will run the same time as the first 3 debate rounds. If you are in any IE event, you won't be able to do debate and if you register in Extemp, you will not be allowed to double-enter in any other IE event due to time constraints.

Debate will have 5 prelims for all debate and break all winning records. Congress will have 3 prelim sessions and a Final



3:30PM Rd 1 JVLD1, JVPF1, VLD1, VPF1, Congress Session 1, IE’s Round 1

4:45PM RD 2 JVLD2, JVPF2, VLD2, VPF2, IE’s Round 2

6:00PM IE’s Round 3 & Congress Session 2

6:30PM Rd 3 JVLD3, JVPF3, VLD3, VPF3

7:15PM IE Awards!


8:30AM Congress Session 3 CD3, Rd4 JVLD4, JVPF4, VLD4, VPF4

10:15AM Round 5 JVLD Octos, JVPF Octos, VLD5, VPF5

12:00PM Congress Finals

12:00PM XDB 1 JVLD Quarters, JVPF Quarters, VLD Octos, VPF Octos

1:15PM JVLD Semis, JVPF Semis, VLD Quarters, VPF Quarters

1:30PM XDB 2

2:30PM JVLD Finals, JVPF Finals, VLD Semis, VPF Semis

3:00PM XDB 3

4:30PM Finals VLD Finals, VPF Finals, XDB Final

6:00 Awards