North Cascadian Fall Invitational

2023 — Online, BC/CA

Welcome to the 2023 North Cascadian Fall Invitational! We are pleased to invite you to join this regional debate tournament, brought to you by a diligent group of IB students for their CAS project.

Tournament dates: October 14th and 15th(Saturday and Sunday)




This tournament will be entirely online. All rounds will be held through Discord and Tabbycat. Private links and invitations will be emailed individually after successful registration.



We are using the CNDF Format (details available here). There will be 5 prelim rounds (all impromptu) and breaks to Semi-finals.

Partner prep only, 30-second grace period at the end of each speech allowed.
Internet allowed, but online research is highly discouraged.



This tournament is provincial level. Certificates will be awarded to all breaking teams and the top 10 speakers.



This tournament is open. Any current school students are eligible to form a team.

You must form a team of two. Students do not need to attend the same school/institution to form a team together. Registration fee per debater is $10.

Remaining profits go to charity!

Register here: