NJSDL April Online Speech Festival Async

2023 — Online, NJ/US

The New Jersey Speech & Debate League (NJSDL) Online Speech Festival Series is open to all students from New Jersey public and private schools and welcomes student entries from schools in other states, territories, and countries as well! The competitions offer middle school and high school divisions and students can enter multiple categories! Click here to learn more.

The April 2023 NJSDL Speech Festival has three special themed events celebrating Earth Day:

  • Pro Con Challenge (Resolved: The United States should increase its use of nuclear energy for commercial energy production.),

  • Prepared Prompt (Earth Day Prompts to be released on or before April 1), and

  • Original Spoken Word Poetry (Submissions Should Be Inspired by Earth Day)

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is on Speechwire.com at https://www.speechwire.com/c-info.php?tournid=13472

We hope that in addition to providing the students on your team with another opportunity for judge feedback before end of year national tournaments, these festivals can provide the opportunity for a class at your school to connect with the theme from a curricular standpoint and give new students a taste of speech and debate through the themed events of Pro Con Challenge, Prepared Prompt, and Original Poetry.