The Dogfight

2023 — Eagle Mountain, UT/US


The Cedar Valley Aviators are proud to invite you and your teams to The Dogfight! Come test your mettle and see who’s the Top Gun in picturesque Cedar Valley where the sky is the limit, the points are shiny and new, and the glory lasts forever!*


This tournament offers both in-person and a-sync events. Curious about trying a new event? No problem! Double entering is absolutely encouraged (though you do so at your own risk!).

In-Person Speech Events (9.23):

  • Oratory (make us feel something . . . please)
  • Spar (1v1 no-prep madness)
  • National & Foreign Extemp (10% prep - 90% something else)
  • HI/DI/DUO (give 'em the ol' razzle dazzle)
  • Impromptu (0% prep - 100% make it up as you go)

In-Person Debate Events (9.24):

  • Policy (the big kahuna)
  • Public Forum (the big kahuna if you ordered it off Wish)
  • Big Questions(the stuff that keeps you awake at night)
  • Congress(you'll get more done in 5 hours than they do all year)
  • Lincoln Douglas(Chuck Norris, but if he was a debate event)

A-sync Events (due by 9.21 @ 3:00 p.m.):

  • "As Seen on TV" Commercial (just like it sounds — make us want whatever garbage you're selling for only 3 easy payments of $9.99!!!!!!! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. . .)
  • Stand Up Comedy (also just like it sounds — just keep it original and clean)
  • Deep Thoughts (make Jack Handy proud)
  • Lip Sync (you’re a star — channel your inner Britney Spears and go for it)
  • "I Propose a Toast" (fancy, funny, and from the heart)
  • Captain's Log (are you the captain of a spaceship? a pirate ship? a fellowship? a friendship? tell your story with a video record)
  • Logical Fallacies to the Max (the way people were meant to argue -- prompts will be provided)

The Dogfight is an awesome opportunity for both novice and varsity debaters to strap in, spread their wings, and soar into the new season. We will novice brackets for: Oratory, Big Questions, Nat/Foreign Extemp, Lincoln Douglas, Congress, Spar, and Impromptu.


BQ and Policy will use the year-long topics assigned to those categories by the NSDA.

Congress will use the most recent docket from the USDCA website.

Lincoln Douglas will use the novice and varsity topics for September/October.


The official schedule will be posted here once we have an idea of the number of teams & competitors in the tournament. For now, plan for a Friday (9/23) Round 1 start time around 3:30 p.m., with a judges meeting at 3:15 p.m. in the Media Center. On Saturday (9/24) we will begin the first rounds at 8:30 a.m., with a judges meeting at 8:15 a.m.


Enough small talk — time for the important stuff. There will be concessions available for purchase (cash or card) in the cafeteria, as well as at vending machines. Cedar Valley High School also boasts Jet Fuel, its own mixed-drink enterprise with a wide variety of hand-crafted beverages to keep your engines burning. Several restaurants (Wendy’s, Little Caesars, Arctic Circle, etc.), gas stations, and a supermarket are less than a 5-minute drive just south of the school. We are also working to get a food truck or two in the parking lot.

Double Entering:

Double entering in events is fully encouraged. Make sure your team knows that if they are double entered and there’s a conflict, they have the responsibility to work it out with the judges to avoid a forfeit if they can’t make it to one of the events on time.


Drops made after 9/20 at 3:00 p.m. will result in a $25 fine.


We know how tough it can be to get judges. Bribe them. Guilt them. Do whatever it takes. Let them know they will be fed at the tournament and get to hear some incredible speeches, arguments, and performances. The breakdown for judge requirements will be thus:

For every 3 contestants entered in debate events —> you will need to provide 1 judge (3x1).

For every 5 contestants entered in a speech events —> you will need to provide 1 judge (5x1).

For every 7 a-sync event entries —> you will need to provide 1 judge (7x1).

Because this whole shebang doesn’t work without judges, there will be a $25 fine assessed to your team for each judge vacancy.


The Dogfight offers both individual and team awards. In addition to the shiny and new points your competitors will earn on their quest to conquer the skies, medals will be awarded to top performers who set themselves apart as true Aces.

The overall winners in each individual speech/debate event will receive the Top Gun medal.

- Runners up (2nd and 3rd place) will receive the Silver Star and Bronze Star medals, respectively.

The overall winners in each team speech/debate event will receive the Top Wingman medal.

- Runners up (2nd and 3rd place) will receive the Silver Star and Bronze Star medals, respectively.

The overall winners from each a-sync event will receive the Hollywood Hero medal.

The overall team winner for the tournament will win the Ace Squadron trophy.