Golden Desert UNLV

2014 — NV/US

We are using for the Golden Desert so that we can make use of online balloting and pairing distribution. All judges and participants should use the online system. 


Since the tournament is fairly spread out, it is important that we know if something has gone amiss with regard to missing judges, locked rooms, missing debaters, etc. If any of these happens, please send a text message to 424-242-4398 to reach the tabroom. 




1. Sign up for a account if you don't already have one. Go to and click "sign up" in the upper right hand corner. Fill out the info, especially your cell number and email address. 


2. The system will bring you to a large welcome screen. Click on "link your account" under the JUDGES heading. If you already had a account, click on Link your account to a judge" under Your Account on the lower right.


3. If your account name is the spelled the same as what we have entered in the system, you should see the option to link yourself to a judge record that is connected with a school. If your name is different, check the spelling on's judge list and search for your record that way.


4. Click "Claim Judge" next to the appropriate judge record. Once you do this you'll need to be aproved by a tournament admin. Once that happens you'll get a text or email update for your pairings. You will now see your online ballots as they're assigned to you.



Once a round has been posted, go to the Tabroom homepage for your a list of your pending and past ballots.


Once you get to the round click START ROUND next to the correct round. You will see your ballot.


One the round is done, enter points and the winner and submit.


You will be asked to confirm your ballot; please review and confirm. Then you're done!


If you want to write an RFD, you may also do that in the space provided. But please make sure you've submitted your decision.


You will see your past ballots on your tabroom homescreen. If you see an error, please let the tabroom know.