SCC WSD Interesting Motions Tournament

2023 — NSDA Campus, TX/US


We are happy to announce our first ever Interesting Motions tournament brought to you by Space City Camp! Our tournament will be held virtually via Zoom. You can find our schedule, Chief Adjudication Panel/Motion Writing Committee, and motions on the tab on the right.

Who are we?

Space City Camp (SCC) is an aspiring Non-Profit Organization that offers high level coaching and resources to underprivileged schools and students, all at no cost. We are currently one of the few camps that offer free coaching in interp, speech, and debate. This next year will be our third year in a row hosting the Space City Camp, and we’re looking to achieve what we’ve always wanted; equity. But only with your help!

Our interesting motions tournaments is our first attempt at fundraising money to aid in our expenses for next years camp! Every single dollar made from this tournament will go into making SCC a better experience for low-income communities. By registering for this tournament, you will help us pay for camp expenditures, full time staff, guest lecturers, prestigious judges, and other projects! All while debating some fun, balanced, interesting motions :)

Tournament Information

Registration Fee: $30 per team

Judging Obligation: 1 judge per team

Rounds: 5 prelim rounds, with a break to octofinals if necessary

Independent Entries: We welcome any and all independent entries and hybrid teams!

Pages for Schedule, CAP, and Motions are on the right side*