CVFL State Individual Event Qualifiers Mira Loma

2023 — Sacramento, CA/US

This tournament will be in person at Oak Ridge High School. There will be an extra round for both panels that will be Semi Finals for rounds with more then 2 rooms (more then 14 entries). If an events doesn't enough more then 14 entries it will just be a third round with everyone in that event before Finals.

Registration Closes Monday 3/6 10 PM

Qualifier Spots -

OO: 3

HI: 4

DUO: 4

IS: 5

IMP: 4

POI: 4

OA: 4

OPP: 3

DI: 6

OI: 5

NX: 5

IX: 5

Schedule -


Round 1A: 4:30pm

Round 1B: 6:00pm

Round 2A: 7:30pm


Round 2B: 8:30am

Round 3A Semi Finals: 10:00am

Round 3B Semi Finals: 12:00pm

Round 4A Finals: 2:00pm

Round 4B Finals: 4:00pm

Awards: 6:00