Cupid Shot me in my After School Congress

2023 — Loveland, CO/US

Need to get students enough NSDA points to qualify for the district qualification tournaments?
Have students that want to get to the next NSDA honor society level? Need to get your students
to practice for the qualification season? With the rare alignment of our town and school name, a
national holiday, and my student’s strange and slightly unhealthy attraction to Congressional
Debate, we warmly welcome you to our fourth annual after-school student congress on February
14th, 2023. What better way to spend Valentine's Day than at Loveland HS in Loveland, Co!

Tabroom will be open for online registration on January 17th. New entries and registration are
due on February 10th at 5 pm on the website. A coach or adult responsible
for the team must be onsite during the tournament.