NDT District VII Qualifier

2023 — Fredericksburg, VA/US

Schedule is here.

Pay fees here. $75 per person - includes all debaters, coaches, judges, observers, etc.

Internet - Eduroam or UMW-Guest (requires sign-up)

A few notes:

  1. Tournament is in-person.
  2. Invite posted -->>>>
  3. Draft schedule posted -->>>>
  4. D7 Rules posted -->>>>

For six rounds 2023:

(2) If the tournament is 6 rounds the following rules will be in effect:

A. There will be four preset rounds of competition. These rounds will be paired according to the rank total method:

– The District Committee will establish a deadline for team rankings. Each team entered will rank all teams submitting official entries (not including themselves). The District Committee will compile all rankings submitted by the deadline to establish a rank order for use in pairing the tournament. The highest and lowest ranks for each team will be dropped in preparing this composite ranking. In the event of a tie after dropping the highest and lowest ranks, the District Committee will continue to drop the highest and lowest ranks until the tie can be broken.

– In the four preset rounds, pairings will be based on a blind system designed to equalize opponent strength as determined by ranking.

– The sum total of opposition seeds for all teams will be roughly equivalent.

– Affirmative and negative totals of opposition seeds will be roughly equivalent.

B. Round Five will be power-matched off the first four debates using a “high-Low” pairing.

C. Round Six will be power-matched off the first five debates using a “High-Low” pairing.

D. Brackets in Rounds 5-6 will be assigned by the number of wins and then sorted within the bracket by: adjusted team points, double adjusted team points, total team points, opponent wins and pre-tournament ranking.

E. In order to make a bracket have an even number of teams, or balance the sides, a team may need to be pulled up from the bracket below. Teams will be pulled from the middle, if there is no middle, pull from one below the middle and teams pulled into the bracket will be reordered within the new bracket as if they had the same number of wins.

F. Teams can debate a second time only in round 6.