Capitol Valley District Tournament

2023 — CA/US

Capitol Valley District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Speech and Debate
CVFL Debate
Granite Bay High School, CA
Big Questions
CVFL Debate
Mira Loma High School, CA
Sat 4/1 Sat 4/1
CVFL Debate
Mira Loma High School, CA
Sat 4/1 Sat 4/1 HSE SEN

Welcome to the National Qualifiers for CVFL!

This will be a multi day tournament spread out over three days on two weekends; Speech and Debate events will be held March 24th and 25 while Congressional Debate will be held April 1st.

Schools will get a number of entries based on their number of degrees as shown when putting entries in. As a level 2 district, as long as an event has at least four entries from at least two schools, there will be two qualifiers for that event; if entries reach 30 we will get a third and 50 to get a fourth.

House and Senate: The Senate will need to have SIX or more schools entered with a total of 10 or more students to get two qualifying spots (new this year from eight in past) while the House needs at least 16 entries for two qualifiers; four qualifiers at 30 or more entries and six if we reached 59 or more entries.

Schedule -

Friday 3/24 -

Debate Round 1: 4:30

Debate Round 2: 7:00

Saturday 3/25 -

Speech Round 1: 8:30

Debate Round 3: 10:15

Speech Round 2: 12:30

Debate Round 4: 2:15

Speech Round 3: 4:30

Speech/Debate Breaks: 6:15

Saturday 4/1 -

Congress Round 1: 9:00

Congress Round 2: 1:00

Breaks, Speech - For speech events, there will not be breaks if there are fewer than eight entries in that event. If an event has more than eight entries, there will need to be a fourth round that will be finals.

Breaks, Debate - After the four preliminary debate rounds, competitors with one or fewer losses will be entered into a single elimination bracket that they will follow until we have our qualifiers.

Congress - Congress rounds will use preset, randomized recency every round of congressional debate at the district and national tournament. Direct questioning will be used in every round of congressional debate at district and national tournaments.