SAUSD NCFL Qualifier

2023 — Online, CA/US

January 09, 2023

Dear SAUSD NCFL Schools:

I would like to invite you and your squad to compete in the Second Annual NCFL Qualifying Tournament for SAUSD. We hope to continue the tradition of excellence in forensics competition that SAUSD has become known for. This year's NCFL Qualifier will be held asynchronously for speech events and live for LD, hosted on Tabroom.

We will again be offering Lincoln-Douglas Debate and six Individual events as open division. There are some specifics that warrant your attention.

1. Students must submit videos via (this form) with unlisted youtube links that are set so that anyone with the link can view.

2. Students competing in Lincoln Douglas Debate will be competing virtually synchronously via Zoom- coaches to coordinate times once competitors assessed.

3. WE ARE USING TABROOM. You made it to the correct page.



There is only one division, which is open to all competitors.


We will utilize the NSDA Topic for January/February 2023:

Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.


We will be using the six individual events that NCFL recognizes:

  • Dramatic Performance

  • Duo Interpretation of Literature

  • Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Oral Interpretation of Literature

  • Oratorical Declamation (grades 9 and 10 only)

  • Original Oratory

All event descriptions can be found at


IEs will have their video judged three times and winners will be tabulated based on ranks and speaker points.


Students should be entered on Tabroom and fill out the NCFL 2023 Qualifiers form to submit their unlisted youtube link that is set so that anyone with the link can view.


The entry deadline for both tabroom and IE video submission is Wednesday, January 18 at 10:00AM PST. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR INITIAL ENTRY IN BY 10:00 AM. We cannot accept late entries. At that point the entries will be assessed and we will determine how many rounds of Lincoln Douglas we will schedule,and if any IE entries on tabroom do not have corresponding video links submitted those entries will be dropped without notice.


Judges will be used through Hired Judge or district walk-on coaches and employees.


Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact