2023 New Mexico State Novice Congress Tournament

2023 — Albuquerque, NM/US

Register here for the NMSDA novice congressional debate state championship.

For the Varsity Congress/National Qualifier Congress tournament, register at newmexico.tabroom.com


  • Teams must be members of the NMSDA

  • Any student who is in their FIRST YEAR of speech & debate may compete in Novice Congress. Students in the second year or further may not compete in novice.

  • Schools may register up to four students for this tournament.
  • A student who is in their first year BUT who has amassed 25 NSDA points and who wants to try for a spot at Nationals is absolutely welcome to register for the District Congress instead of the Novice congress.

  • Schedule:

    • Session 1: 8:30 AM--11:00 AM
      Session 2: 12:30--3:00 PM

    • Awards: 4:30 or as soon as possible

  • Registration due Saturday, Feb 4th

  • Legislation due (up to two pieces of legislation per school) by January 27th. Legislation can be the same for both districts and novice congress, it would in fact be easier for us if it is the same. Please send to hflake@eastmountainhigh.net

  • Recruit judges! We need unaffiliated judges, ideally. If you can only locate judges who know your students, that's okay too, but not preferred.

  • Checklist for NMSDA requirements: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rn2RfbQp2FNvlRWljOEY_JdnmxeZoVWCzejxmCkoX0A/edit?usp=sharing

For any questions on this tournament, contact Adelynn at anee@eastmountainhigh.net