Katy ISD Novice Night 3

2023 — Katy, TX/US

Welcome to Katy ISD Novice Night #3!

This tournament is only open to schools in Katy Independent School District. It will be hosted in person at Seven Lakes High School on January 19, 2022. Any other entries will be deleted.


PF and LD will use the January 2023 NSDA topics.

PF: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should increase its diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve internal armed conflicts in West Asia.

LD: Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.


R1 Impromptu

R2 This House supports mandatory voting in national elections.


Congressional Debate will be limited to the following bills from the Spring 2023 TFA Docket:

12, 15, 18, 19. Students can set their own dockets.

No topic areas for Extemp and Impromptu.


4:15-4:30 - Arrive, Check in, get situated

4:45 pm - Round 1 PF, LD, Speech, Congress session begins, WSD Impromptu Prep

5:45 pm - WSD Round 1 Impromptu

6:00 pm - Round 2 PF, LD, Speech

By 6:45 pm Congress should recess for dinner

Dinner Break between R2 and R3 (or R1 and R2 of WSD)

7:30 pm - Round 3 PF, LD, Speech, WSD Prepared

8:15 pm - Hard stop Congress