2023 — Buhach Colony HS, CA/US


Hosted @ Buhach Colony HS

1) Competitors will be allowed to enter up to two speech pattern events* and one debate pattern events**.

*Competitors may not enter both IX and NX.

**Competitors in a debate pattern event may enter DUO as a second debate pattern event.

2) We will be using the regular NSDA January/February topics for varsity AND novice in both LD and PF. Please do not have your kids prep the novice topics!

3) As a reminder, all entries will be waitlisted upon being entered into Tabroom. The first 24 speech pattern entries and the first 24 debate pattern entries for each school will be accepted.

Registration Details

1) Registration will open on 01/05 at 8:00AM. Registration will close on 01/16 at 8:00PM. Fees will be frozen when registration closes.

2) Fees are $3 per entry in individual events and $6 in partner events.

3) All events are currently being offered, but are subject to being collapsed into one division or a similar event if entries are low.