WBFL League Debate 3 November

2023 — Los Angeles, CA/US


[Note: We always expedite as soon as we can. Please check tabroom for updates.]

8:00 AM Registration Opens

8:30 AM Judge Orientation / Check In By this Time

8:30 AM Parli Prep

9:00 AM Round 1 Parli (Varsity and Novice), LD (Varsity), Public Forum (Novice)

10:00 AM Round 1 LD (Novice), Public Forum (Varsity), Policy (Varsity and Novice)

10:30 AM Parli Prep

11:00 AM Round 2 Parli (Varsity and Novice), LD (Varsity), and Public Forum (Novice)

12:00 PM Round 2 LD (Novice), Public Forum (Varsity), Policy (Varsity and Novice)

12:30 PM Parli Prep

1:00 PM Round 3 Parli (Varsity and Novice), LD (Varsity), and Public Forum (Novice)

2:00 PM Round 3 LD (Novice), and Public Forum (Varsity), Policy (Varsity and Novice)

2:30 PM Parli Prep

3:00 PM Round 4 Parli (Varsity and Novice), LD (Varsity), and Public Forum (Novice)

4:00 PM Round 4 LD (Novice) and Public Forum (Varsity), Policy (Varsity and Novice)

5:30 PM Awards


LD Topic (Jan/Feb) - Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.

  • NOTE: we do not use the NSDA novice topic.

PF Topic (Feb) - Resolved: In the United States, right-to-work laws do more harm than good.

POL Topic (2022-2023) Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity.


Judges need to create accounts with Tabroom in order to access ballots and links. Here is a help tutorial on how to link their account to the tournament:


Here is some information for judges on how to use an online ballot:



1. The page with all of the invitation information is located under the WEBSITE tab/link above.

2. We need 1 JUDGE for every 3 entries (a team counts as one entry).

3. If you want to get involved in the detailed discussions about how the league tournament is going to be run (since we're all figuring this out for the first time), there is a special channel for #debate in the SLACK that every coach has been invited to. Talk to our league president if you aren't in the SLACK.

4. Fees. ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION Payments may also be made on Paypal to paypal.me/WBFL or @WBFL on the mobile app. Please make sure the school name is in the comment and that the payment matches the amount due listed on tab. The treasurer has asked that tournament payments be made by Thursday or postmarked on Thursday. Contact James Zucker if you have any questions.

Marlborough Information

Hello Everyone, We arelookingforwardtohosting you at Marlborough this Saturday,January 7th. Please reviewtheinformation below and share it with your students and judges.

School Address

Marlborough School, 250 South Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Drop Off and Parking

Students can be dropped off and picked up inthedriveway accessible from Rossmore Avenue. To park, please enter the campus via the gate on 3rd Street. Security will direct you to the parking garage or parking lot. Please help us adhere to City requirements and commitments with our neighbors byparkingin our Third Streetparkinglot. Please do not park on the street.

Internet Access

To access the internet on campus, log into the Guest network and use the password "guestmustangs".

School Map & Locations

Here is a linktoa map oftheschool.

Competition rooms will be in theC100s and C200s.

The judges room location is TBA.

Food & Beverages

We will be placing a group order fromVillage Pizzeria. Coaches should submit a pizza order per the instructions they received via email.

We are trying to minimize the use of disposable plastic bottles. Please bring a reusable water bottle and feel free to use the water fountains and bottle fillers on campus throughout the day. Please refrain from bringing food onto the field or into the classrooms. Respect Classroom Space and Lockers Please do not enter classrooms without a judge. When in the classrooms, please respect the teachers' spaces:

1) Please leave the room clean and neat - please do not leave garbage anywhere other than a garbage can, and please only move furniture as is necessary for the debate.

2) Please avoid sitting at the teachers' desks;

3) Please do not touch items on teachers' desks or bookshelves, or equipment in any classroom.

4) Please do not open or touch student lockers.


The weather is going to be a little chilly on Saturday. Highs are currently forecast in the low 60s, but earlier in the morning it will be colder. Our primary gathering space will be covered but outdoors.Please instruct students and judges to dress warmly.If space permits, I will try to designate indoor gathering spaces for teams as the tournament gets closer.

Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions!