Lakeland Westchester Classic

2023 — NY/US

The entire 2023 tournament will run online on NSDA Campus the evening of March 3rd (Friday) and all day Saturday, March 4th.

The tournament is a finals bid in varsity pf and a semifinals bid in varsity policy

Events offered

All entries are $25/entry

Varsity Policy (semis TOC bid) LIVE $25/TEAM
Novice Policy
JV Policy
MS PF Open (Feb Topic)
MS PF Novice (Feb Topic)
MS NYCUDL Topic (Tik Tok)
Novice PF
Varsity PF $25
Varsity LD
Novice LD LIVE

There is an administrative fee of $50/team.


Policy: NATO Topic
LD: NSDA February Topic
PF: HS divisions will use the national topic (February)
MS: MS divisions will use the February topic except for students who wish to register in the NYCUDL division (Tik Tok)
Parli: Parli participants have two tournament options

There will be separate awards based on the Friday and Saturday results, so students can choose to participate on Saturday only if they wish.

PF Topic -- February, Right to Work Laws

Public Forum -- All Divisions Except the NYCUDL Saturday Only Division


6:30 -- Pairings released

7 PM ET R1

8:30 ET R2


10 AM ET -- Round 3

12:00 PM -- Round 4

2:00 PM -- Round 5

4:00 PM -- Round 6
6:00 PM -- Elim 1

7:30 PM-- ELim 2

8:30:9 PM -- ELim 3

Sunday Elim 4/5 as needed

NYCUDL Saturday Only Tik Tok Topic Division

8:00-9:15 AM Registration
9:30 Round 1
11:15 Round 2
1:15 Round 3
2:30 Awards



4:30 -- Pairings Released for Round 1

Round 1 5:00 pm
Round 2 7:00 pm

Round 3 9:00 am

Round 4 10:45 am

Round 5 1:00 pm

Quarters 3:00 pm

Semis 5:00 pm

Finals 7:00 pm

Final Numbers will Determine Which Elim Round Each LD Division Will Break To



Round 1 5:00 pm
Round 2 7:30 pm


Round 3 9:00 am
Round 4 12:00 pm
Round 5 2:30 pm
Round 6 Varsity and Novice Quarters 5:30 pm
Octos Varsity/Novice Semis 8:00 pm


Quarterfinals Varsity/Novice Finals 9:00 am
Semifinals 12:00 pm
Finals 2:45 pm