Fairview Freeze NIETOC Bid

2023 — Boulder, CO/US

We are in-person at Fairview High School in Boulder, CO. We are a NIETOC bid tournament and are planning FOUR PRELIM rounds! The number of bids will be based on the number of entries in each event. See more: http://nietoc.com/.

A coach or responsible adult must be on-site at all times and checked into judge or in Tab.

We ask everyone to follow and respect the NSDA harassment and discrimination policy which can be found at https://www.speechanddebate.org/equity/

Registration & Dates:

  • Pre-registration will be on Tabroom.com.

  • Pre-registration due: Monday, January 9th @ 7pm mtn. Drops after this may be made online but will not reduce fees.

  • Judges due: Wednesday, January 11th @ 7pm mtn. Excessive entries without enough judges to cover them may be dropped at this point.

Entries & Costs:

  • Initial entry limit of 6 per event, but we anticipate clearing the waitlist.

  • $10 per speaking and interp events; $20 per debate events.

  • We welcome and want everyone to participate so please reach out if costs are prohibitive.

  • Checks should be made payable to Fairview High School c/o Speech and Debate Team. Online payment link to follow.


  • Each school is responsible for providing trained judges to cover their entries throughout the day. We will recruit heavily and view recruiting judges as a community endeavor.

  • Provide 1 judge for every 2 debate entries or every 6 IEs.

  • We will not pay judges who are meeting a school’s judging requirement.

  • We know how difficult finding judges can be: please reach out if this is prohibitive. We will pay recent grads that are covering your judge requirements if you are unable to.

  • Judges are responsible for checking for ballots at the appropriate times.

  • All judges will be asked to complete a short anti-bias training prior to judging and to reflect on their unconscious biases prior to judging.

Events & Doubling Rules:

  • Events: CX, JVCX, PF, LD, Value Debate, Humor, Drama, Original Oratory, Informative, US Extemp, International Extemp, Duo, Poetry, POI, Impromptu, and Creative Storytelling (ADDED: Congress!)

  • Events will use NSDA rules with NSDA topics (CHSAA for Value Debate/Impromptu/Creative Storytelling);

  • Debaters may only double in Creative Storytelling or Impromptu; Students in IEs may double enter in two events with the responsibility to get to rounds.


  • Rounds will be run as quickly as possible: postings may be earlier than scheduled.

  • We will attempt to run all events on the same schedule, dependent on judge numbers.

  • Our dream is to single flight LD and PF.

  • Double entered students are responsible for getting to their events and may not receive full prep time.

Registration and Judge Check-In: 7:00am - 7:30am mtn

Judge Overview: 7:30am - 8:00am mtn

Round 1: 8:00am; CX and Extemp draw at 7:45am

Round 2: 10:30am; Extemp draw at 10:15am

Round 3: 1:00pm; Extemp draw 12:45pm

Round 4: 3:30pm; Extemp draw 3:15pm

(TBD: Semi-finals depending on entry #s)

Finals: 6:00pm

Awards: 7:30pm

JV/Varsity CX Rules: We reserve the right to collapse divisions or events based on entry #s; we will decide these at least one week prior to the tournament.

  • Varsity CX Debate is open to all CX Debate teams.

  • JV CX is limited to freshmen, sophomores or students in their first year of competition.

  • In JV CX, no Kritiks or counterplans are allowed.

  • In JV CX, we will employ the NFHS Novice case limits.


  • All debate rounds will be powered.

  • All undefeated debaters will break to finals, subject to judge availability. (Note: we will evaluate adding semi-finals as entries and judges allow.)

  • Places will be determined by win-loss, strength of opp, and speaker points.

  • Team awards by percentage of entries breaking to a finals round, not total numbers.

Day of Event: Drop entries by 7:20 AM. If late, call or text Kristina Getty at 303-710-5091.

School Logistics:

  • Enter from the top part of the school where registration will take place

  • All cars and buses should park in the lot to the west of the school.

  • Fairview ramps are STEEP, please keep your students from running or playing on them

  • Fast food is not available within walking distance from the school, food will be available

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided for judges and coaches

  • Students are expected to remain in the Student Center when not competing

  • Please do not enter classrooms before judges are present

  • Note that all tobacco use and products are not permitted on the Fairview campus

If you have any questions, please contact all coaches at fhsdebate@gmail.com.