Texas Open

2023 — Austin, TX/US

-The Tournament Help Email is texasopen23@gmail.com

-Include the Help Line on Emails you send to Bankey/Palmer/Marty

New Items re: Judging (1/17/23)

1) Palmer created a new shifts system. It is active for your judge entries. I am going to enter the time constraints for the existing judges.

After this, it's the responsibility of directors/coaches with tabroom access to manage your own time conflicts.

If you enter judge notes after 1/17/23 1PM CST I will not see it.

2) You randos need to stop adding yourselves to the judge pool. This is a college tournament. Hired judging isn't a thing. Online judging is limited and you will never see the judge exchange without a track record of NDT-CEDA participation.

3) I'm only approving more online judges in the exchange for highly preferred judges.


Yes in-person and online entries

Yes prioritize in-person v in-person w in-person judge presets

6 prelims and doubles on campus. Octos-finals in the Pflugerville Courtyard.

Pay Online

Use the TXShop link above for online payments. I am going to use our TXShop portal instead of Square for online payments this year.

Enter the dollar amount of your invoice into the "Quantity" text box on the right side of the screen under the picture of the UT Tower.

1 Item = 1 Dollar

Tournament Hotel:

16100 Impact Way, Pflugerville, TX 78660


The hotel is different. It is probably 15 minutes longer to/from campus. Same distance to the airport in the other direction. It is affordable and is designed well for a debate tournament to function. It is very close to useful stores, dining options, and several inexpensive late-night food options. I have been promised that all king rooms have pull-out beds. There is a new Best Western across the street that I will explore additional room block options if necessary.