Inland Empire District Tournament

2023 — WA/US

Inland Empire District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Victoria Hyde
Pasco, WA

Dear Coaches,

If you’ve ever even considered the idea of your students competing at NSDA Nationals in Phoenix, AZ, this is the time. And, to top that, if they compete at all in the Inland Empire National Qualifying Tournament, they can enter national supplemental events if they don’t qualify in a main event. Got students interested in World Schools Debate? We can make that happen. This year is as easy as it’s going to get if you or your students want the bragging rights that go along with NSDA Nationals.

There is, of course, a catch. (Isn’t there always?) Your program does have to be a member of the NSDA. Many of you have been members in the past. Annual dues are $149 and include access to a variety of resources, including coach certification training. The NSDA would love to see you join/rejoin, and you can likely talk them into discounted dues. After that, each student who competes needs to be a member, which does carry a lifetime membership fee of $20.

For students to compete in the national qualifier, they must be at the degree of merit—25 points. You can enter points as far back as two years. The more points your students have, the more degrees your team has and the more you can enter in the qualifying tournament. (It’s based on school strength, which is noted at the top of your roster on and is also noted in Tabroom when you enter the tournament.) The more entries we have, the more students can go to nationals.

The minimum number for an event to qualify is four entries from two schools. (Except for Big Questions, which requires 10, and Congress, where Senate requires 10 students from 6 schools, and House requires 16 students from 2 schools.) For those schools participating, we may request that a student volunteer as tribute so the event can carry for someone else. We do waive the entry fees for those participants.

Additionally, students at member schools are eligible for the District Student of the Year honor.

We inviteyou to nominate for the following awards:

High School Coach of the year

Student of the year

Communicator of the year

Alum of the year

Volunteer of the year

Assistant coach of the year

New coach of the year

Administrator of the year.

If a link is not provided, please send a nomination to me.

Tournament registration opens 1/17 at

All speech events except extemp will be conducted asynchronously. Debate and extemp will be live via NSDA Campus on Friday and Saturday, February 17 and 18.

If you are interested but need help with entering points, figuring out team strength and entry caps, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or we can be of any assistance.

More details to come soon.


Inland Empire NSDA Committee

Vicky Hyde, Chair

Dave Carlson

David Smith

Don Hendrixson

Sara Hyde