Henry Clay 2022 Debate Tournament Kentucky Schools ONLY

2022 — NSDA Campus, KY/US

Welcome to the Henry Clay High School VIRTUAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT

High School | Henry Clay Class of 1975

Debate events will be synchronous (held live via NSDA Campus on Saturday, December 10) with 3 guaranteed pre-paired prelim rounds of debate plus finals in all divisions! Congress will have two guaranteed prelim chambers plus a supers chamber (if numbers warrant) - if numbers are small we will have 1 chamber with two sessions.


We plan to hold ALL Kentucky High School Speech League DEBATE events*

*Debate Events:Congress, Varsity Lincoln-Douglas, Novice Lincoln-Douglas, Varsity Public Forum, & Novice Public Forum


Debaters are limited to only 1 debate event as the schedule will not allow for synchronous doubling.

Congress & Lincoln-Douglas entries will be $10 while Public Forum entries will be $20. Late adds after the deadline will incur a $10 fee for Congress & LD entries or a $20 fee for PF entries. Drops past the deadline will incur a $10 fee for Congress & LD entries or a $20 fee for PF entries. Missing judges will be $30 each. Note: Schools are required to have at least 1 judge entered for your school and can only purchase up to 1 additional judge (please make note of this prior to registering).


Deadline for entries including video uploads is6:00 PM EST on Tuesday, December 6th - Registration will close at that time.


You must supply one judge for every 5 Congress entries (5 slots = 1 judge; 10 slots = 2 judges; 13 slots = 3 judges; etc.) For debate you must supply one judge for every two debaters (1 slot = 1 judge; 3 slots = 2 judges, etc.) A fee of $30 per missing judge will be assessed. Please make sure that all your judges are familiar with all KHSSL rules in the2022-2023 KHSSL Handbook(located on Kentucky High School Speech League - KHSSL - website)so they can properly assess the students.


Congressional debate will use the December NSDA packet of legislation. No other legislation will be published or used for our tournament. Note: If the NSDA does not post a packet for December we will instead use a previously published NSDA packet or I will announce a different plan by the registration deadline.

Lincoln-Douglas (Varsity & Novice Divisions) will debate the following topic for November/December 2022:

Resolved: The People's Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth.

Public Forum (Varsity & Novice) will debate the following topic for November/December 2022:

Resolved: The United States' strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

Henry Clay Debate Tournament 2022

Official Virtual Schedule


Tuesday 12/6 @ 6 PM EST: CLOSE OF REGISTRATION: ALL student entries, & judge names/info will be set in stone and locked into place at that time. PLEASE make sure to have everything tied up in a nice, neat, little metaphorical package by this time and please understand that I am on a strict time crunch for the entire week. My #1 goal is to make sure you and your students enjoy the experience.

Saturday, 12/10: DEBATE ROUNDS BEGIN!!!


9:00 AM Team check-in (ALL Coaches must check in with me either via text or email at this time to confirm their team is present and if any last minute drops or substitutions need to be made)

(Also - coaches - please meet with your squads in your team’s assigned virtual squad room found on your tabroom

homepage - note that you must be signed in to access this room).

10:00 AM Debate Round 1 - + Congress Session 1

11:30 AM Debate Round 2

12:15 PM Congress Session 2

1:00 PM Debate Round 3

3:00 PM Debate FINALS + Congress Supers

5:30 PM Awards*

(AWARDS: Awards will be announced via a live ZOOM ceremony approximately at this time. No matter what, I promise to be at least mildly entertaining while I inevitably mis-pronounce as few names as possible (feel free to use that very handy phonetic pronunciation guide located for all your students as you enter them in tabroom in case you happen to get bored over the next few days).


Awards will be given out to the top 2 performers/teams in each debate event and top 4 performers in congress. There will be no team awards for this tournament but a winning team will be announced. Henry Clay students will be competing in the tournament and are eligible for awards (but we will be excluded from the winning team consideration).

Note: There will be a $10 awards mailing fee for all schools in attendance (this fee will be added to the tabroom invoice when you register. Also note that we will not be issuing refunds for this fee after the tournament concludes in case your team does not receive any individual awards so please make note of this).


Please make payment to HENRY CLAY DEBATE. We can accept checks or money orders (please do not attempt to mail cash). If neither of these are viable options please contact me for additional payment options. Mailing address information will be added to the tabroom.com generated invoice. Please note that we will not mail any awards until payment has been received so please take care of your owed fees for the tournament ASAP once you know what your totals are(and note that some nuisance fines could occur during the tournament so please do your best to avoid those and not have to mail multiple checks).


If you have any questions that are not answered above please feel free to email me at:


if you have ANY questions about our tournament!

We hope to see you with us virtually for our Henry Clay Debate Tournament! Thank you for your time and consideration!