The Golden State Academy Spring Invitational

2023 — NSDA Campus, US

Dear parents/students/coaches

Welcome to The Golden State Academy’s Fall Invitational on May 28 and 29. This open invitation is to all schools, academies and independent entries who would like to participate in a tournament this weekend. We are keeping a two-day schedule but one day will be dedicated to speech, the other to debate. We are offering 3 rounds of speech and a final (depending on entry we may eliminate or add an elimination round) and 5 rounds of debate (with recognition/awards for those with winning records after 5 rounds.

To help keep costs low and accessible, we do ask that parents/teams provide their own judges. We unfortunately will not be able to keep judge hire costs low but they will be available for those who need to buy out of some of their judging obligation (no more than half please). If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

Given how early it is in a lot of novices’ development, we will have two divisions. One for the Jan/Feb topic and one for March/Apr for LD and one division for PF for this tournament on the April topic though we can add June if there is enough interest. If demand warrants, we can add a Nov/Dec decision, please email with how many entries and we can add a division once we get 6 entries and at least 2-3 schools interested.

The schedule for the tournament is below. Keep in mind this is tentative and can change based on entry size. NOTE: We are on a Pacific Standard Time Zone schedule

Saturday 5/28

Speech/elementary spar & speech Rd 1 8:30 AM

Speech/elementary spar & speech Rd 2 9:45 AM

Lunch 11:00 AM

Speech/elementary spar & speech Rd 3 12:00 PM

Speech/elementary spar & speech Finals 1:30 PM*

Awards ASAP after Finals

*If necessary

Sunday 5/29

LD/PF Rd 1 8:00 AM

LD PF Rd 2 9:15 AM

LD/PF Rd 3 10:30 AM

Lunch 11:45-12:30 PM

LD Rd 4 12:30 PM

LD Rd 5 1:45 PM

Awards ASAP after round 5

Due to small entry size, we will forgo a final and recognize the top 2 in events with 3 entries and recognize top 3 in events with 7 entries or more.

If there are any questions not answered in this packet, please email us. This document will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Please pay attention to the revision date at the top and in the title of the document. Thanks everyone and see you this weekend.

Victor Rivas Umana

Mark A. Hernandez Sr.