Clover Hill Groundhog Day Classic

2023 — Midlothian, VA/US

Please submit all tournament entries through the tabroom website. See instructions on the first page of this invitation under “How to Make Your Entries.”

All registration must be done through the tournament website on

If you do not have a tabroom account go to, click on the SIGN-UP link in the upper-right of the webpage. This takes you to the CREATE YOUR TABROOM ACCOUNT page. Complete the form. See for detailed instructions.

When you have finished setting up your team account, add your debaters and judges to it.

Enter your debaters for the tournament at or just find Clover Hill Tournament on the tabroom homepage under 2/4/23.

All individuals present at the tournament (coaches, judges, and students) must have an activetabroom.comaccountto access schedules, postings, complete ballots, and access ballots.

Please useTHIS SHEETto see if any of your students need to create and/orlinktheir personaltabroom.comaccountsto your school's mainaccount. Instructions tolinkaccountsto your schoolaccountare foundHERE.

EVENTS: This Speech and Debate tournament will follow VHSL rules to prepare students for upcoming conference, regional and state tournaments, although private schools are encouraged to compete as well. Middle school students are also encouraged to compete in the novice category.

The following speech categories will be offered (3 rounds each):

Extemp*, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Prose, Poetry, DI, HI, Serious Duo**, Humorous Duo**, Storytelling, Duo Improv, and Original Spoken Word Poetry***.

· Students MAY double-enter in speech categories.

*Students entered in Extemp may NOT double enter for our tournament.

**Serious & Humorous Duo may be combined based on the number of entries.

***OSW Poetry - in this category the student presents a poem or collection of poems that the student has written himself. The use of a manuscript is OPTIONAL in this category, but all competitors should bring 3 hard copies of their poem(s) so that they can submit a copy to the judges at the end of each round as is done in OO.

Lincoln-Douglas: Novice* and Open (novice debaters must be in their first year of competitive debate). 4 rounds. The Lincoln-Douglas topic will be the NSDA topic for January-February: Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.

Public Forum: Novice* and Open. 4 rounds. The Public Forum topic will be NSDA topic for January: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should increase its diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve internal armed conflicts in West Asia.

Student Congress: Open division. 2 sessions of Congress, 2 hours each.

Each school must submit legislation and each student may submit one bill or resolution.

Email Congress legislation to by January 26th, 2023.

Congress Topics


Universal Pre-K

D.C. +/or Puerto Rican Statehood


Climate Reparations

Wildlife Trafficking


Ticketmaster Tyranny

Cryptocurrency Regulation


Open Carry

Tax Reform

*Bill Deadline is January 26th, 2023