New Mexico District Tournament

2023 — NM/US

New Mexico District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North
Albuquerque Pyramid Marriott, NM
Sat 2/11 Sat 2/11 HSE SEN
IE and Debate
Albuquerque Academy
Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico District Speech & Debate Tournament

The National Qualifier for New Mexico

Friday-Saturday, March 17-18

At Albuquerque Academy

Tournament Start DELAYED. See new schedule below:

New Schedule:


1:00 school check in (or ASAP)

1:30 judge check in

2:00 debate 1

3:00 extemp draw

3:30 speech 1

4:45 debate 2

6:15 draw

6:45 speech 2

7:30 debate or ASAP


8:00 Debate Round 4

10:15: Speech 3

11:45: Debate Elim 1

2:00: Speech Finals

3:00: Debate Elim 2

Hoping for a 4:30 awards, but this may be delayed until 6:00.

Information website:

To register, go to; click your email; and in the middle of the page under “National Tournament” heading, you’ll see the registration site for districts.

  1. SCHEDULE: Nat Quals, also called Districts, will be held at Albuquerque Academy March 17-18.

    1. Detailed schedule is linked at the side–SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

    2. Locations at Academy: Students will congregate in the dining hall. The judge lounge and check in will be in Gardenhire lecture hall in Brown hall. Awards will be in the concert hall in the Music building.

    3. Big Questions Debate will be held during speech rounds, or staggered during speech/debate as needed depending on student double entry. BQ does not count as an entry toward the students's entry limits--that is, a student can enter up to two other events for the weekend of March 17-18 AND enter in BQ. If we do not meet the qualifying standard of ten students, BQ will not be run.


    1. Entries are due in tabroom

    2. NSDA forms, found in tabroom, are due. This includes the school consent form, requiring a signature (can be digital), and the single-entry-letters-of-intent. (Input the preferences into the digital preferences system under “NSDA forms” in your tabroom registration page.)

    3. Oratory & Info scripts must be uploaded to tabroom. (Document containing the script students perform.) (Instructions: when you add an entry, it will prompt for a script to be uploaded under “eligibility documentation”. If you don’t have the script ready to upload at that time, you can access the upload screen again by going into the tournament registration, click on entries tab, click on the blue pen “edit” icon. For duos, please upload the script for both competitors so we can keep track more easily. If you need to re-upload a more updated version at any point, you can upload a new file, which will replace the older one.)

    4. Interp original cuttings and sources must be available in case of a protest. Bring these hard copies with you to the tournament. If a protest occurs and an original source cannot be located, be prepared for a student to be disqualified.

    5. All fees to NSDA should be paid by this time

    6. All NSDA points from previous tournaments in the year should be entered by this time

    7. Special awards nominations due (see below)

    8. World Schools Debate Applications due (see below)

  1. Fees for this tournament are non-existent!!

    1. You DO need to pay NSDA dues and NSDA student memberships, but there are no entry fees for the district tournament this year.

  1. Special Awards:

    1. Alumni of the Year, Communicator of the Year, Volunteer of the Year: Just send Hannah an email with a name and why you would like to nominate them! Due March 2nd.

    2. Links for other award nominations, due March 9th:
      District High School Coach of the Year Award »

District New Coach of the Year Award »

District Assistant Coach of the Year Award

District High School Administrator of the Year Award »

District Student of the Year Award »

  1. Judges:

    1. Judging Obligation: We ask that schools bring one judge for every three debate entries and one judge for every five IE entries. If you have policy entries, please provide a capable policy judge.

    2. Coaches need to be careful to communicate with their judges about their availability. Coaches will enter this information into tabroom.

    3. Each team NEEDS to have their judges linked in tabroom and entered into the tournament.

    4. Please encourage your team parents, team alum, and other teachers at your schools to judge at this tournament. We want to continue the growth of New Mexico Speech & Debate, which means keeping a growing local community!

  1. WORLD SCHOOLS APPLICATIONS: Due Thursday March 9th

    1. Application form is linked at the side here.

    2. Coaches should email Hannah the filled out attachment and a quick blurb from the coach on whether you support the student’s application for worlds.

    3. With the extra availability of nationals spots this year (each school is allowed to send two students in supps who don’t otherwise qualify), don’t be afraid to submit applications for anyone on your team who wants to compete in world schools debate, even 9th graders!

  1. Extra Entries to Nationals:

    1. Each school that has competitors at the district tournament may enter two students who did not qualify at the district tournament to Nationals in supplemental events.

    2. The two students do not need to have competed at districts to be eligible.

    3. The students may enter in multiple supplemental events.

Take care everyone, and let me know if you have questions about ANYTHING!