Friday Night No Frills

2022 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

Friday Night No Frills Invitation

Where: Online via NSDA Campus. Hosted and run by West Bend

When: Friday, December 2nd.

Divisions: LD and PF. We’ll start with JV and Varsity divisions but will collapse if numbers dictate. Policy has decided to do their own thing on Saturday.

Awards: Nope. None. We won’t give any out. Seriously. That’s why it’s called No Frills.

Who: Everyone. We aren’t going to ask you to restrict your entries to students who aren’t qualified as we’ve done in the past.

Judges: Yep 1 for every 2 entries in PF and LD. I won’t have extras to hire out to you. Plan ahead.

Schedule: Check in until 3:30 PM. We will start rounds by 4 PM. If we’re ready, we’ll start earlier. The plan is to have 3 rounds, provided things don’t go too late. We’ll take a break for dinner, likely after round 1.

Fees: $10 per team.

Deadlines: You’ll owe fees and judges for all your entries as of Wednesday, November 30th at 6 PM, plus any you add later.

Questions: Ask!! or 414.378.2839