WBFL November IE

2022 — Culver City, CA/US

Welcome! The November IE tournament will be held in-person at Culver City High School, and is only for the schools in the WBFL league. Please note that students can only be double entered if they are in one A event and one B event, but cannot be in 2 events of the same pattern.

Important Changes:

For students in Extemp, the round begins on the listed Pattern A times. Extemp Prep Room is 98A.

Topics will be automatically released on https://extemproom.com/november. The join code is: November. I would recommend having the link open 5 minutes early. If you are late, you may risk losing prep time.

Judge's Room:

Tab Room will be 99.

Judge's Room is 98B.


8:30 Check-In/ Judges Training (room 98B)

9:00 Round 1A

10:15 Round 1B

11:30 Round 2A

1:00 Round 2B

2:15 Round 3A

3:30 Round 3B

5:00 Awards