NYCUDL Open League High School Tournament 2

2022 — New York, NY/US

Hello fellow coaches,

The Executive Directors and staff of the NYCUDL invite you, your students, and judges to attend the NYCUDL’s MS/HS Tournament #1. High School Public Forum will be a LIVE event at Millennium Brooklyn Campus in Brooklyn.

This tournament is only open to NYCUDL league members. Information on league membership can be found here.

COVID-19 and Safety Protocol:

Adults: All adults will need to sign in with a valid ID and vaccination card.

Students: All students will need to have an ID card that has their name on it (i.e. student ID). Coaches- Please take pictures of the student’s IDs in case they forget it on Saturday.

All visitors will be required to have their bag scanned and go through a metal detector when entering the building. Please arrive at 8 AM to allow enough time to check-in.

The resolutions are as follows.

Public Forum:

League topic: Resolved: New York City should substantially reallocate resources from police departments to social services.

NSDA topic: Resolved: The United States’ strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

We offer the following divisions:

HS PF Novice (league and National topics)
HS PF Junior Varsity (League and National topics)
HS PF Varsity (League and National topics)

Division Qualifications:

Novice: Debaters entering their first year of debate or have debated less than 6 rounds previously.

Junior Varsity: Debaters entering their second year of debate.

Varsity: Debaters who are entering their third or more year of debate.

To enter this tournament, your school must be a member of the NYCUDL. All requirements and fees can be found at our website. We require that an adult coach or sponsor complete the paperwork and function as the primary contact for the team and the league.

Permission Slips: Once your school has registered, have your students complete the permission slip form. That link can be found here.

Judging: Our judging obligation is one judge for every two teams. This is within division. If you have 3 novice PF teams and 1 advanced team, you will need 3 judges. High school students may judge MS debate. Adults that have graduated from high school may judge high school debate.

The NYCUDL has a small pool of judges that we will hire out to schools. This pool is not large and is first come-first serve. If you are requesting judging from the NYCUDL, you must email with your request. If you enter your request on tabroom, you must still email Emily or your request will not be considered complete.

Upon school entry, all teams will be placed on a waitlist. In order to be removed from the waitlist, the following criteria must be met.

•Your school must be a league member with completed paperwork.
•Students must have completed permission slips.
•Your judging obligation just be met.
•You must have an adult that will be present for the day of the tournament.
•Your students must be linked on

If you have any questions, please reach out to your outreach coordinator.