2023 — NSDA Campus, US

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Quick info:

Events: PF, LD,

Where: NSDA Campus Online

When: 6/3-4

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Prize info:

With the simpler schedule and Main Event on June 27th, the Wildcard prize pool will be partially redistributed to our Grand Championship prize pool.

Wildcard Prize Pool:


Champion: 300

Finalist: 200


Champion: 200

Finalist: 100


Champion: 100


Champion: 100

(How do I get the money?)

The NADC will send digital payment to the parent or legal guardian of each designated winning debater.

Important note! US/CAN eligible only. Additionally, for competitors in states like Oregon or Ohio who have relevant bylaws, you are allowed to decline the payment, and we can issue an email stating as such so that you have a copy!

GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP Qualification Information:

Join us for our 2023 Grand Championship starting June 24th! Entries are qualification only. Read more below:

(How do I qualify for the Grand Championship?)


Option 1: Qualification Points

400 Team Qualifier Points are needed to qualify directly to the Grand Championship Main Event in June. Your Personal Qualifier Points are Team Qualification Points. Your Team QP is both debater's Personal QP added together. If you earned 200 and your partner earned 200, you qualify together. If you earned 700 and your partner earned 0, you qualify together.

Not sure how many points you have? Check out our website:

Option 2: Wildcard

The wildcard is your last chance to qualify. Each prelim win awards both debaters 100 Personal Qualifier Points. Reaching out-rounds at this tournament = you qualify for the Grand Championship.

Option 3: Application for at-large Qualification

Performed well at non-NADC tournaments this year? Email us at and tell us about your results. We'll then decide whether or not you qualify.


Due to a smaller entry pool, all entries are welcome to join this year.

(Do I keep my points even if I change partners?)

Yes. All points are durable, awarded as individual Qualifier Points (QP) to both members of a team. This means that receiving a gold medal = 300 points assigned to Debater A, and 300 points assigned to Debater B. To qualify directly to the Grand Championship Main Event, teams need 400 total QP or more, but they do not need to have amassed those points together as the same team.