2023 — NSDA Campus, US

HS Varsity LIVESTREAM Finals Open to All! Round starts at 12:00 PM EST.



Welcome to the North American Debate Circuit!

The NADC is the next revolution in debate, designed to grow debate to maximum competitiveness -and- accessibility with monthly, low-fuss, streamlined debating. The NADC runs on a sports/eSports-inspired Grand Prix system, fully online. All entries allowed.

We have tournaments every month at the same low cost! Bookmark our full 2022-2023 schedule here:

Divisions: PF and LD

Quick info:

Invite packet:





Prize info:

Current prize pool: $2,000 for PF (this is a total prize pool for the tournament). LD will be added based on entry field turnout!

(A prize pool? Is this real?)

You betcha! Last month we handed out $2,500 in prizes to winning debaters! It's about time something other than Fortnite or Chess rewards skilled young competitors. The NADC pools money from 3 sources: 1) Organization funds, 2) Entry fees, 3) Corporate/Non-profit sponsors.

(What is the prize breakdown?)

PF: Debaters winning select elimination rounds will receive a portion of the prize pool, which grows based on entry size!

25+ PF entries: $2,000

50+ PF entries: $3,000

100+ PF entries: $4,000

200+ PF entries: $5,000

More details for distribution/break in our invite packet/live doc.

LD: (For now)

HS LD Champ: $250

MS LD Champ: $100

(How do I get the money?)

The NADC will send digital payment to the parent or legal guardian of each designated winning debater.

Important note! US/CAN eligible only. Additionally, for competitors in states like Oregon or Ohio who have relevant bylaws, you are allowed to decline the payment, and we can issue an email stating as such so that you have a copy!

Bid info (Varsity/Open only):

Finals: Platinum bid

Semis: Gold bid

Quarters: Silver bid

Octas: Bronze bid

(How does it work?)

400 Qualifier Points are needed to bid directly to the Grand Championship Main Event in June.

Platinum = 400 points; Gold = 300 points; Silver = 200 points; Bronze = 100 points. (Novice: divide by 2)

(Do I keep my points even if I change partners?)

Yes. All points are durable, awarded as individual Qualifier Points (QP) to both members of a team. This means that receiving a gold bid = 300 points assigned to Debater A, and 300 points assigned to Debater B. To qualify directly to the Grand Championship Main Event, both debaters need 400 total QP or more, but they do not need to have amassed those points together as the same team.

(You said Grand Championship Main Event. Is there something else?)

Yes! In addition to our monthly "Cups," two weeks before the Main Event is our Wildcard Event. This offers teams a last-chance to make it to the Main Event. All novice teams can enter the wildcard event.