Dripping Springs TFANIETOC Tiger Tussle

2022 — Dripping Springs, TX/US

We look forward to hosting you at the 3rd annual Dripping Springs TFA Tiger Tussle. It is our goal to provide you with a pleasant tournament experience. This year's tournament will be hosted in person at Sycamore Springs Middle School, which is located at14451 Sawyer Ranch Rd, Austin, TX 78737. Since we are hosting at a relatively small middle school campus, we will likely have to set entry limits. Please sign up early to ensure entry slots for your students.

Key Details:

-Our tournament is a TFA qualifier and will follow TFA rules.

-Our tournament will award NIETOC bids in relevant events based on the criteria detailed at https://nietoc.com/details-and-rules/.

-Our tournament does not accept independent or unaffiliated entries.

-An adult affiliated with your school has to be present and available at all times throughout the tournament.

-Judge obligations cannot be filled with current high school students without explicit approval from the tournament director.

-We will use online balloting through Tabroom.com throughout the tournament. This means all judges will need Tabroom accounts.

-We intend to use a mixture of paid and community judges for VPF and NPF.

-To encourage participation in World Schools, we are offering 1 free entry per school in that event (until we have 9 entries in the event). Fees will be manually adjusted to reflect this free entry as we get closer to the date of the tournament.

Scheduling/Cross Entries:

-We will offer 3 prelim rounds in VCX, VLD, VPF, NCX, NLD, NPF, and WSD.

-Section A includes HI, Duet, Duo, and PO

-Section B includes DX, IX, NX, DI, INFO, OO, and PR

-PF, LD, Policy, World Schools, and Congress competitors will be allowed to cross-enter in Extemp.

Elim Procedures:

-We will not break brackets in debate elims.

-Panels for TFA qualifying events will start in semis. We will try our best to panel all events in finals.

-Except for novice events, we will not host debate elims that don't award TFA points. In the event that entries are too low to justify quarters, we will break straight to semis, which will take the place of quarters in the schedule. This means we will break to semis in LD, PF, and CX if there are only 10-15 entries. We will break straight to finals in World Schools if there are only 6-9 entries. Novice debate events will break straight to semis.

-We will only collapse Novice and Varsity divisions if collapsing is necessary to award any TFA points. We will not collapse the divisions if it simply means offering better points.

-IEs with 16 or fewer entries will break straight to finals after Round 2. In this case, Round 2 will take the place of Semis on the schedule.