Golden Desert NIETOC Qualifier

2022 — North Las Vegas, NV/US

Welcome Coaches and Competitors,

The Golden Desert Speech and Debate League, and its coaches, would like to invite you to the annual Golden Desert Individual Events Invitational to be held Friday, November 18 & Saturday, November 19, 2022 at Rancho HS is located in Las Vegas NV, at 61900 Searles Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

This is an NIETOC Qualifying Tournament in all main event IEs The GDSDA has been hosting the tournament for over a decade and last year Oratory had a semifinal bid, with Informative and USX having Finals bids, IX, POI, and HI had 1st-3rd bids, and DI and Duo having 1st Place bids during online competition.  With our return to in-person competition, we anticipate most events to have finals bid, with Extemp and Oratory potentially having Quarterfinal bids. Both divisions Domestic and International extemp are available and the  topic areas will be posted prior to the tournament. Internet usage is allowed in extemp prep, but devices should be turned off and put away upon leaving prep. This will be a paneled tournament, allowing students to double enter in both panels and extemp competitors may compete in a second event during the same panel at their own risk. 

 The panels are as follows: 

 Panel A: Duo InterpretationHumorous Interpretation, Oratory, US Extemp

Panel B: Dramatic Interpretation, Informative Speaking, International Extemp,  POI (Program Oral Interpretation)  

 We will be hosting three rounds of Panel A on Friday, night and three rounds of Panel B on Saturday morning. Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final rounds will be held as needed on Saturday afternoon due to entry levels. There will be awards based on Friday and Saturday's results.  All IE events will be offered as Open in NIETOC qualifying events.

Bids are gained at the following levels:

0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID

20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS

35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS

51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS

71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS

 100 + contestants = OCTAFINAL ROUND BIDS

The important dates for this tournament are as follows:

Entries due:  Wednesday, November 16th @ 9 PM

Fees Finalized: Wednesday, November 16th @ 9PM

Final Add/Drops: Thursday, November 17th @ 4PM

Drops after the deadline: $10 per entry (we would rather have a substitution than a drop)

Uncovered judges fees $20 per round *Teams are responsible for 1 judge per every 5 entries in IEs and MUST provide judges for the first out round. 

There are several hotels in the area close by the school in Downtown Las Vegas. If your school requires a non-gaming property and you would like assistance finding a good location, please contact us for assistance. Southwest, Frontier & Spirit Airlines often have the best deals for your Las Vegas travel needs and in a 24-7 town good food is always nearby and available. We love our judges and feed them well and the experience for all of our out of state friends is top notch! Please join us in Las Vegas for a top rated NIETOC qualifying tournament experience.

We look forward to having you and your team competing at the Golden Desert NIETOC Tournament. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either GDSDA District Chair or Tournament Director 

Julie Roos                                           Shiela Berselli                                  Laurents Bañuelos Benitez

GDSDA District Chair                     Tournament Director                      Tournament Host