Raise Every Voice Swing Tournament PLD Half

2022 — NSDA Campus, KY/US

Dear Forensics Family: 

Welcome to the first ever Paul Laurence Dunbar High School & KEDA Raise Every Voice Eastern KY Flood Relief Swing Tournament. This year tragic flooding occurred in the eastern most counties in our state devastating the region and its people. Among those affected were several schools within our speech and debate community including my alma mater, Knott County Central High School. Unique and unfortunate circumstances sometimes, however,  give rise to opportunities for communities and organizations to work together in order to make a positive impact. We look forward to having you join us ONLINE asynchronously on Sunday November 6- Thursday November 10 and synchronously Saturday, November 12th  to raise money to support speech and debate schools in the state affected by flooding. 



In order to maximize entries and provide flexibility to participating teams, our swing tournament will be held online through NSDA Campus. All competitors and judges will need to have registered Tabroom.com, NSDA accounts, and have technology available to effectively compete in or judge rounds. Competitors AND judges must have access to a camera and microphone in order to participate in the tournament. It is recommended that students are prepared to enter their competition/prep room half an hour before the round begins. 



We will be offering all KHSSL speech and debate events. All events will follow the competition rules established by the Kentucky High School Speech League . More information about competition guidelines can be found in the Kentucky High School Speech League handbook and at the official KHSSL website. Also, please take time to review the KHSSL ratings guidelines as you prepare both your students and judges for competition. 


Speech Events 

All speech events preliminary rounds will be judged asynchronously using pre recorded performances. Speech event finals for both parts of the swing tournament and debate will be held LIVE. Teams will submit one video link per entry that will be used for the entire tournament. Students' recordings should include the entire view of the student with good sound and lighting in the performance. The recording device should be stationary for the entire performance. Students in duo events can perform and record performances in separate or shared spaces. Please ensure that YouTube links are marked unlisted, and if using Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. permissions are set so that anyone with the link can view. All event recordings are due in Tabroom by Monday, November 7th at 8pm EST. 


Limited Prep

Limited Prep prompts released to coaches on Sunday, November 6th at noon EST. Registration and performances are due by Monday, November 7th at 8pm EST. Students and coaches should respect the integrity and prep time rules for this event. Performances should be recorded once and utilize only the amount of prep time reserved per event rules. Impromptu and Improv prep must be recorded. Broadcasting will be competing using a prepared script for all rounds. Students' recordings should include the entire view of the student with good sound and lighting in the performance. The recording device should be stationary for the entire performance. 



Debate events will be held synchronously online November 13. Entries are due Monday November 8 @8:00pm EST. Schools may submit 1-3 bills utilizing the NSDA format/template for consideration. Bills must be sent to neomia.hagans@uky.edu by Friday November 5 @8:00pm EST. PLD will be allowing its students to participate in competition as judging and space allows. PLD students will not be eligible to earn sweepstakes points or earn team awards.



Teams may have unlimited entries, but a speech student may enter up to three events in the 14 KHSSL categories per tournament. Debaters may enter 2 speech events per tournament as well as 1 debate event. Only 1 of the two speech events for debaters should be a limited prep event. All students are expected to be prompt and on-time for all rounds. Final rounds will not be held for late competitors. Students who are excessively late (not arriving to the round in enough time to perform before the round ending time) or that do not show up for competition prior to the close of the round will be marked as a “no show” and may be dropped from competition and fined as appropriate (see DROP FEES below). We will work together to keep the tournament running smoothly and on time.



All judges should be familiar with KHSSL rules and ballots, and are expected to be in the judge pool during rounds where they are not explicitly scheduled. ALL JUDGES MUST HAVE A TABROOM.COM ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO BE PLACED ON YOUR JUDGING ROSTER. All judges will be considered for all events and all rounds in the pool in which they are registered (speech, debate, or congress) and should be prepared for competition accordingly. All debate judges are asked to be present at the judge roll call Saturday morning. 

Teams are required to provide 1 judge for every 6 entries into the competition. 6 entries = one judge, 7 entries = 2 judges, etc. Debate events must provide 1 judge for every 2 entries or fraction thereof. Schools must provide at least one judge in speech if their students are competing in speech events and 1 judge in debate events if their students are competing in debate. In the event you cannot provide the required number of judges, you may hire up to 2 judges for $30 each.