Little Lex

2022 — Lexington, MA/US

Welcome back In-Person Debate -- this time in Lexington MA!

Little Lex will be back in person on Saturday November 19, 2022. Our school no longer requires masks during the school day, so we will not require them of our guests either, but please don't attend the tournament if you are sick, and please feel free to wear a mask at any time when doing so makes you, or any of your students, feel more comfortable.

Our intention is to offer the following divisions and events:

Novice PF -- Regular Topic -- Resolved: The United States’ strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

Novice PF -- Pilot "Modest Novice" Topic -- Resolved: The United States should institute term limits on its Supreme Court

Varsity PF -- Resolved: The United States’ strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

Novice LD -- Modest Novice Topic -- Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.

Varsity LD -- Resolved: The People’s Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth.

Novice Policy (Using the NDCA Novice Packet ONLY)

JV Policy (No Argument Limits -- the proper place for second year competitors, students with previous years of middle experience or novices who don't want to use the Packet)

We reserve the right to combine the JV and Varsity divisions of LD and PF if the numbers are too small to support separate divisions, but we will not mix novices with more experienced students.

We are reducing our entry fees from our last In-Person Little Lex to $30 per team in PF and Policy and to $15 per entry in LD in order to help our guests cope with rising costs in other areas. We will be selling lunch items at what we hope are competitive prices and students are welcome to bring their own lunches as well, but please don't plan on ordering food from outside -- the schedule is too tight to permit that.

We do not anticipate having any Varsity PF or LD judges to rent (although we will try), so please plan on bringing your own Varsity judges. Seniors with at least 200 NSDA points can judge in any JV division and Juniors or Seniors with at least 200 NSDA points can judge in any Novice division. We will likely have students judges we can rent to you if you don't have enough of your own, but we would definitely welcome your student judges, if they meet the official criteria.

Our parents will be providing hospitality to our adult coaches and judges and we will provide "Free Lunch" -- no cost meal tickets -- to student judges (since they will not have access to the food in the Judges/Coaches Lounge).

We plan to single flight all divisions of PF (in order to allow for five rounds and more State Quals) and hope to be able to single flight all divisions of LD as well (that will depend on the final number of entries and on whether we can use our Field House). If we can single-flight LD, our intention is to offer five rounds, unless the numbers do not justify it. If we can't single flight LD there will be no more than four rounds. Out goal is also to offer four rounds in both policy divisions, although that is contingent on us keeping on schedule because we want to make sure our guests can be on the road for home not later than 6:30 (hopefully sooner) because we have a play at our school on that evening.

We will post a Live Doc and the exact wording of the various resolutions, either before the tournament goes live, or as soon as possible after that, for your convenience.

Please make checks payable to "Town of Lexington -- Debate." We'd prefer you bring your check (or cash) with you because I don't trust the USPS and we have no way to accept electronic payments. If you still owe us money from either of last year's Lexington tournaments, you will need to settle that debt first before we admit your school to Little Lex.

Thanks! Kaz, Janet and the Lexington Debate Family