Blue Valley Classic

2022 — Overland Park, KS/US

Blue Valley Debate and Forensics

Chris Riffer-Coach

6001 W. 159th Overland Park, KS 66085 (913)239-4876



Dear Debate Coach:


You and your debaters are invited to the Blue Valley Debate tournament on Friday, November 4th   and Saturday, November 5th  . This year we will have three divisions if numbers warrant:

                        KDC Style” Varsity: For your best 3rd and 4th year teams. Some lay judges and some flow judges.

                        Open: The name speaks for itself

                        Novice: BOTH DAYS!


PLEASE NOTE OUR FRIDAY SCHEDULE!!! We are trying something new this year to assist in traffic flow and filling judges on Friday while also allowing students in the area time to still attend most of their afternoon classes. We will start registration at 3:45 and round 1 at 4:15. You may send teams in any combination. We rarely turn down entries but if we have to, we will prioritize those who helped or will help us with extras at their tournament.  Five Rounds of competition will be provided to all contestants. We will break to Quarterfinals and medals will be awarded to the top eight teams with trophies going to the top four. Extras will be granted to those who have returned or will return the favor given first crack. The top four entries from a school with at least one in each division will count toward the sweepstakes award. Entry deadline is October 28th!


The Rules of the House:

1.Entry Fees are $6.00 per team.

2.We will be debating the NATO topic.

3.Time limits will be the standard 8-3-5 with 8minutes prep.

4.Coaches/Sponsors will be on standby to judge.

5.Breaks will be determined by 1. Win/Loss 2.Speaker Points 3.Opp. Record 4.Opp. speaks 5. Tongue twister drills. THE BETTER SEED IN ELIMS GETS TO PICK THEIR SIDE!

7.Tab will be open.

8. We will follow all other rules of the KSHSAA.


We look forward to seeing you on the 4th!


Chris Riffer                                                                                                    

Debate Coach                                                

Please register by going to



Enter up to 5 in a division. If you need more, email me your numbers and I will work to fit you in.



                        Friday                                       Saturday

                        3:45 Registration                         8:00 Round 3

                        4:15 Round 1                             10:00 Round 4

                        6:15 Round 2                              12:30 Round 5

                                                                        2:30 Announcements

                                                                        3:00 Quarters

                                                                        5:00 Semis

                                                                        7:00 Finals