ADA Fall Championship

2022 — Hybrid - Winston-Salem/Online, NC/US

ADA Fall Championship – 2022

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Basic Info

ADA Fall Championship will be November 12-14, 2022.

ADA Fall Championship is a hybrid tournament offering JV and Novice divisions. In person and online entries will be merged for each division prior to the tournament. 6 prelims + breaking half the field up to double octafinals.


In person debates on Saturday and Sunday will be on Wake's campus on the lower quad in buildings near where the Shirley is taking place (same as previous years). Debates on Monday will be in the Benton Convention Center where the Shirley's debates will take place. Wake will be providing the hospitality for this tournament.

Online/hybrid debates will be using the ADA.Classrooms.Cloud platform.


Tournament operates in the Eastern time zone.

Preliminary schedule can be found here.

*Please note that the schedule mirrors the Shirley on Saturday & Sunday so those on campus can enjoy the hospitality. On Monday, elim #3 will start at the same time as the Shirley, but we will put the next elimination round parings out ASAP after the last ballot is in for the remaining elimination round.


Wake Forest is providing hospitality for the tournament and is collecting all fees for this tournament:

Fees can be paid here.

Tournament fees are $100 per person who are in person and $150 for teams online. They can accept credit cards for registration fees. You can pay your fees online.

New, emerging programs, or anyone else that does not have a budget and would otherwise have to pay out of pocket please contact Justin Green - wakedb8 AT gmail - who is confident they can arrange fee waivers or fee reductions.


David Cram Helwich, Minnesota, & Patrick Waldinger, Miami, will run the tab with assistance from members of the ADA Executive Committee.

Hotels, etc.

Please see Wake's Shirley invite for information on travel, hotels, etc. -