Paris High School Math and Science Meet

2023 — Paris, TX/US

Paris High School Math and Science


January 28, 2023

2255 S Collegiate Paris, TX 75460

School: 903- 737-7400 Fax: 903-737-7515

Dear UIL Coordinator/Sponsor:

We would like to invite you to join us for our first Paris High School Math and Science UIL Invitational Meet. This year our event will be held on January 28, we will have Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator, and Science Events. We look forward to hosting you at our event.

EVENTS/DIVISIONS: The following events will be offered: Math, Calculator, Number Sense, and Science . Academic events will be separated by grade level. We reserve the right to adjust these settings to balance numbers after registration is complete.

REGISTRATION: Our registration site is Any questions about registration may be directed to Hope Anthony at, or text/call 903-706-8828.

DEADLINES: We will need to have your registration no later than January 15th, at 5:00 pm. Invoices may be printed from our registration website.

ENTRY FEES: $10 per academic entry.

JUDGES: Each school is required to provide judges/graders for events entered so that contests can run as smoothly and timely as possible. Please register your judges as well as your students on

AWARDS: Medals will be awarded to the top four finishers in each grade level per event.

TEST PROVIDERS: TMSCA will be providing tests for the tournament.

CONFIDENTIALITY: In accordance with agreements with our test providers, please make sure that none of the test materials are shared outside of your school.

HOSPITALITY: We will have a hospitality room for sponsors and judges throughout the meet. Sponsors and judges will be served breakfast and lunch on Saturday. We will have a Concession Stand for students with snacks and drinks. We have many fast food restaurants locally for those who need to take students out for meals. Most of them will deliver for a fee.

MATH & SCIENCE EVENT NOTES: Number Sense, Calculator Apps, Mathematics, and Science tests will be provided by TMSCA. As is customary for TMSCA events, grade-level awards will be given for the Math and Science Events.