Spook at the Rock Caprock HS

2023 — Amarillo, TX/US

Spook at the Rock

The Caprock High Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to compete at the annual Spook at the Rock tournament.

Deadlines: All entries are due by Monday, October 23 at 4:00 PM. We will accept drops unpenalized until Thursday, October 26 at 1:00 PM.

In order to provide a qualified judging pool, we ask that all coaches be willing to judge at least three rounds. Also, we would appreciate any additional names of judges that you can provide. Every effort will be made to panel judges in semis but there are no guarantees. We will panel the finals of all TFA events and will attempt to panel all others as well. Judges will not disclose in any rounds so we can run on time. We will use paper ballots for this tournament.

Brackets will be broken in debate. We will have guest Wi-Fi for the tournament.

Our campus is NOT allowed to prop open doors or gates. To make this work, we will ONLY use the Cafeteria entrance on the south side of the main building (Door 4). This entrance is the southwestern most entrance to the campus and faces the circle drive in the front of the building. ALL other gates and exterior doors will remain locked. We ask that you do not open any other gate or entrance for another person as well. We are making certain the school and students, judges, and coaches attending are safe and secure. You may NOT prop open a door or gate for ANY reason. All comings and goings need to be through this one entrance.

In accordance with current TFA rules, Caprock students may be entered in events at this tournament and, if entered, will be eligible to compete in elimination rounds.

Notice: No finals ballots or awards will be delivered to schools. You must be in attendance for awards to receive them, unless there is a BIG snowstorm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Andy Zeigler


(817) 797-9258 (Zeigler's Cell Phone)

Saturday, 28 October 2023

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Registration

8:30 AM Round 1 Extemp Draw

9:00 AM Round 1 Debate / Round 1 Pattern A

9:00 AM Congressional Debate

10:45 AM Round 2 Debate / Round 1 Pattern B

12:00 PM Round 2 Extemp Draw

12:30 PM Round 3 Debate / Round 2 Pattern A

1:30 PM Congressional Debate Finals

2:15 PM Debate Out Round 1 / Round 2 Pattern B

4:00 PM Debate Out Round 2 / Finals Pattern A

6:00 PM Debate Out Round 3 / Finals Pattern B

Pattern A: FX, DX, Informative, Dramatic, Duet, Poetry

Pattern B: OO, HI, DUO, POI, Impromptu, Prose

Debate: CX, LD, PF and Congress may enter 1 Pattern B event but may not cross enter in Pattern A

*Pattern A may enter 2 events

*Pattern B may enter 2 events

We will speed up the schedule if possible, so PAY ATTENTION TO POSTINGS!!!


*TFA rules will be in effect for all TFA events. Questions about TFA rules can be answered by going to the TFA Website

*Prose and Poetry will be reader's choice.

*For Congressional Debate, we will use legislation #6-10 in prelims and #11-15 for finals. We will use the direct questioning format in all Congress rounds.

*LD and PF: We will use the Sep/Oct NSDA topic. See the topic wording at the NSDA Link.

*If a student speaks in the wrong room, he/she will receive last place in the round.

Pattern A: Students may enter 2 events but only one type of extemp

Foreign Extemp

Domestic Extemp


Dramatic Interp

Duet Acting


Pattern B: Students may enter 2 events in this pattern

Original Oratory

Humorous Interp

Program Oral Interp

Duo Interp



Cross entering is at the student's own risk. Extempers must speak in the assigned order. Failure to do so will result in being ranked last in the round.

Individual Events $15.00

LD Debate $20.00

CX Debate $25.00

Duet Acting & Duo $15.00

Please help us avoid last minute drops. Please email or call in drops ahead of time so we can correct postings before they go up.

Sweepstakes points will awarded as follows:

Individual Events / Congress / Duet and Duo

1st Place 15 points

2nd Place 10 points

3rd Place 7 points

Non-placing Finalists 5 points

Semi-Finalists 5 points

CX, PF, and LD

Finalists 20 points

Non-advancing Semi-finalists 10 points

Non-advancing Quarterfinalists 7 points

Each debate win in Prelims 1 points