Southside Shark Showdown

2022 — Lafayette, LA/US


We are excited to host the 4th Annual Shark Showdown 2022. The students and parents have been busy preparing for your arrival. We will offer novice and varsity divisions in most individual events and are offering two divisions of debate for Policy and Lincoln Douglas. We will also have Congressional Debate on Thursday evening.


Registration will take place in the Library : 1:45 - 2:30pm.

In debate events that are large enough, we will be power matching in Round 3 and Round 4.

In Individual Events and Duo, events with at least 18 entries will have a semi-final round.

In speech events, ranks will be cumulative through semi-finals. The ranks in finals will be the only ones that determine the final ranking.

Congressional Debate will take place on Thursday evening as a virtual event on Zoom.

We ask that all visitors (not competitors, coaches nor judges) to adhere to the LPSS Clear Bag Policy.

Come to Lafayette Parish and enjoy a taste of Cajun Country. See you soon.

Scott Johnstone

Head Coach

Anne Champagne

Assistant Coach