UMN High School Invitational

2022 — Online, MN/US

Top-Level Notes

·          People are encouraged to wear masks, espeically when not speaking

·          We will have some snacks available between rounds in the hallway on the first floor of Blegen

·          Lunch will be provided for everyone on the first floor of Blegen after Round 2

·          We will hold a **short** awards ceremony on the plaza between Blegen and Anderson at the conclusion of Round 3 on Sturday



Friday Schedule [all online, links provided via tabroom]

3-3:30p—Registration (please text changes to Jake at 507-382-3740]


4:00p--Round Start

6-6:30p--Dinner Break


7:00p--Round Start

Saturday Schedule [all in-person, balloting will be electronic]

7-7:45a—Registration (please text changes to Jake at 507-382-3740]


8:30a--Round Start


11:00a--Round Start

1-1:45p--Lunch Break


2:15p--Round Start

ASAP After R3—Awards


·          Snacks will be available on tables in the first floor hallway

·          We will serve sandwiches after Round 2—you can pick up your lunch in Blegen 5



·          Pickup and Drop-off—best location is the traffic circle in front of Humphrey Hall (301 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455)

·          Buildings in use: Blegen (novice), Humphrey (varsity), Carlson (JV)

·          Rooms will also start to automatically lock beginning at 3:45pm—please do not leave your things unattended in a room

·          Please clean up after yourself

·          Important rooms

o    Tabroom: Blegen 155 (DCH, Jake, Rachel et al.)

o    Judge’s Lounge: Blegen 150 (snacks)

o    Judge Training: Blegen 145

·          Questions?

o    Judges—Jake / 507-382-3740 / Blegen 155]

o    Competitors—DCH [ / 651.307.6980 / Blegen 155]

·          Maps: You can find a campus map here:

·          Restrooms: a map of gender neutral restrooms can be found here-- We will also designate the restrooms on the FOURTH floor of Blegen as gender neutral for the duration of the tournament

·          Parking: You can find a map here, the 19th Avenue Ramp is the closest—