Robert Barbera Invitational

2022 — Northridge CA, CA/US

Dear Forensics Colleagues,

The 2022 Robert Barbera Invitational will be held November 4-6, 2022. We will post an extensive tournament guide later this month, but for now we wanted to share the basic information you need to plan your travel schedule.

In-Person Model

CSUN Forensics is committed to providing opportunities for high level in-person competition. While we understand that for so many reasons in-person travel is not feasible for some, the hybrid model is beyond our current capabilities. 


Fees will be $25 per person and $50 per team entry. Fees must be paid via check or credit card. Checks should be made out to "California State University, Northridge" or "CSUN." Checks made out to other departments will not be accepted. Cash will not be accepted.


This full service tournament will offer Policy, Public Forum, NPDA, and Individual Events. However, only Policy and Public Forum will be hosted on All other events will appear on

Policy: We will debate the 2022-23 NDT-CEDA debate topic. We will adopt a format of six preliminary debates followed by elimination rounds breaking to quarterfinals. Prelims 1-2 are on Friday. Prelims 3-6 are on Saturday. Elimination rounds are on Sunday. 

Public Forum: We will debate the fall 2022 CPFL topic. We will adopt a format of 4 preliminary debates followed by elimination rounds breaking to semi-finals. All debates will occur on Saturday. 

CSUN Covid Protocols 

The tournament will follow all University rules and guidelines for COVID-19. At this time masks are optional but recommended for indoor groups where social distancing is not possible. It is common practice for speakers on campus to remove their masks when they are standing at the podium. Students, faculty, and staff are all required to be vaccinated at CSUN, but there are no requirements for visitors to be vaccinated. We strongly encourage tournament participants to be vaccinated and boosted. The University requires all visitors to complete an online self-screen prior to arrival. 

November is a fantastic time to visit Los Angeles and we will make every effort to host an excellent competition.  Besides excellent hospitality, we run on time and we do our best to make the tournament fun and healthy for competitors, judges, and coaches.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  On behalf of CSUN forensics, we hope you can join us in November!