Tournament of Hearts Set B Hallsville High

2023 — Hallsville High School, TX/US

Hallsville High School Tournament of Hearts

Academic: UIL Invitational B

Speech & Debate: UIL & TFA

February 10th - 11th, 2023

Dear UIL Coordinator/Sponsor & Debate Coaches:

We are excited to welcome you back to our Annual Invitational B UIL Tournament and UIL Speech & Debate Tournament. This tournament will be a fully in-person event schedule! We hope to host a strong tournament and look forward to you all joining us on Friday, February 10th and Saturday, February 11th, 2023.


The following academic events will be offered:

current events,

social studies,

ready writing,

literary criticism,





number sense,



computer applications,

computer science + Computer Science-Hands on.

Speech events include:



Informative /Persuasive Extemp



Academic events will be separated into large schools (Division I) and small schools (division II) if necessary. Large Schools include all 5A and 6A and Small Schools include all 1A thru 4A.

REGISTRATION: Please register all speech/debate AND academic contestants through TABROOM .Any questions about academic registration may be directed to Mike Clay . Any questions about speech and debate may be directed to Channel Washington

DEADLINES: We will need to have your registration in our possession by 5pm, Wednesday, February 8th.


For debate, you must have 1 judge for every 4 LD contestants or 2 CX teams,, or part thereof.

For Interp, Speech, and Writing Events, you must provide 1 judge for every 6 participants or part thereof. Judging fees are $150/judge for debate and speaking events if you do not provide a judge; however, we prefer judges over fees. Speech/debate team coaches may be asked to serve as judges at the minimum if you do not have your own judge(s). For writing events, if you have no judge, your student may compete, but they will not be scored.

Please contact us ahead of time if you need to make arrangements.


CX Entries:$30 per team

LD Entries:$20

Speech Events:$10

Academic Events:$10

ENTRIES: Each school can enter unlimited entries in each event except for writing events and computer applications, which we are capping at 4 students per school. If you need to add or delete a contestant’s name from your roster, please do so by editing your entries in TABROOM.


All events will test according to the attached schedule with grading immediately following. We ask that all schools provide at least one coach per each event entered to grade and rank. We also ask that coaches are available at the beginning of each contest to verify contestants’ names and to be on standby to help proctor as needed since this is the first spring meet of the season returning to “normal.”


Computer labs will be used to host all writing events including journalism. Even though our computer labs are removed from mainstream traffic, students may wish to bring ear plugs or ear buds to muffle any distracting noises. Students may also wish to bring a flash drive in order to save an electronic copy of their work. Essays will be returned to the event coaches following the grading of the events. Coaches are asked to score and rank essays. The U.I.L. rubric will be used. Ranking will be based upon school size. Schools are asked to provide at least one coach per writing event to score.


Since consistent oral pronunciation is important for spelling, we will provide a pronouncer. All contestants (from large and small schools) will be in the same room during testing. Ranking will be based upon school size.

JUDGING and MEDALS: Judging for all events will immediately follow the end of each contest. Verification will immediately follow judging and ranking, and medals will be awarded immediately following verification. Any questions may be directed to the contest director at the meet. Top school trophy will be awarded for each division. First place teams will receive plaques and individual team medals in team events. InScience, awards will be given for the top 3 scores in each grade, top Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and overall 1st– 6th places. In Math events, awards will be given for the top 3 scores in each grade, as well as the overall 1st– 6th places.


All materials will be given out on the day of the meet. Coaches and directors are asked to keep the Invitational B meet materials and not post or share them since other schools will be hosting Invitational B in the following weeks.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Mike Clay- Hallsville High School

U.I.L. Academic Coordinator


Channel Washington - Hallsville High School

Speech & Debate Coach


Please mail payment to:
Hallsville High School UIL

c/o Mike Clay

616 Cal Young Road

Hallsville, TX 75650