LHS Oriole Oral Interp Invitational

2022 — Lennox, SD/US

I would like to invite you to the Oriole Oral Interp Invite for October 25, 2022 (Tuesday).  I am excited to invite everyone this tournament.  

The schedule for the tournament will be as follows:

3:30       Schools check-in

4:00       Round 1 of all events

5:00       Round 2 of all events

6:00       Round 3 of all events

7:00       Time for eating

7:30       Awards in the Library

Students may enter two events.  If a student is entered in RT and another event, it will be very important that they follow the rules when they should perform the RT and the other event.


Important information! 

We will have a volleyball game that night starting at 5:00pm.  We will move from the cafeteria to the library after the general meeting.  We will have awards in the library.

Concessions will be available around 5:15 (volleyball concessions), so please plan to bring some money to eat.