HSL01 SpeechCongress NonQualifying Tournament at UH Lab

2022 — Honolulu, HI/US

Map of ULS Campus

A few updates that can be shared with all the coaches who will be bringing teams to the speech tournament October 1 at the Lab School.


The two on-campus parking lots, Lots 1 and 1A, are under control of the University, which allows parking only by permit or by paying for it at a pay station (I'll notify everyone of the rate as soon as I know it). I cannot say it will be okay to park on campus. I can say that UH does not often patrol the parking lots on weekends; I have yet to see anyone from Parking on a Saturday other than a UH football game day (there is no game scheduled on October 1). I have not been ticketed on a Saturday this semester. Just saying . . . 

There should be a fair amount of parking along the bordering streets of Dole Street, University Avenue, and Metcalf Street. The only metered parking is along the makai side of Metcalf; all the rest is free.


The policy at the Laboratory School requires persons to wear masks while indoors, other than while performing or eating/drinking. The school administration plans to decide whether to continue or end at the policy at the end of the first academic quarter on September 30. If there is any change to the policy, it will be announced at the tournament Saturday morning – but please bring masks, in case the policy remains in place. 


I have finally heard from our IT folks – I was sent a list of 12 questions about what we’ll need. I am sure that guest access will be available the day of the tournament, but I don’t yet have any specifics. I’ll keep after our folks to get the details to me, and I’ll share them as soon as I know them.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no Wifi dead zones on campus; access should be pretty clear everywhere.


There’s no work on Saturday, so we won’t have to worry about any disturbances. But the work to repair our roofs has led to our main courtyard being torn up by vehicles and equipment, and there are likely to be some equipment and debris lying around the campus. We won’t be our usual pretty selves.


The only place we can set up refreshments for the judges is likely to be right inside the entrance to our Multi-Purpose Building. We will post signs, but please inform your students that the food and beverages they see along the counter are for the judges.

This is the first in-person tournament since early-March, 2020. We are delighted to welcome everyone back. We’ll try our best to make it a smooth, enjoyable day for everyone. I'll see you in a couple weeks.


Bill Teter