Iowa City WestLiberty Novice Fall Tournament

2022 — North Liberty, IA/US

Fellow Coaches,

The coaches, students, and administrators of Iowa City Liberty High School and Iowa City West High School are proud to invite you to the Iowa City West/Liberty Novice One Day tournament. This event will be held in person at Liberty High School on October 15, 2022. This event is a novice only event. Our goal is to provide novices with high quality rounds in a safe and educational environment. Varsity team members are welcome to judge with the intent of reducing costs for teams entering.

-Novice is defined as any student in their first year of high school debate. Previous high school debate prior to this year will disqualify a student from the novice division. 

When registering, an adult coach that is associated with a school must be the one to register. Students can’t register independently.


Awards will be given out to the top students in each division.


All of the important details are located below.


We hope to see you all in October.


John Cooper & Kalen McCain




PF - Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its investment in high-speed rail.

Policy - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity.

Novice CX limits apply for policy. DROPBOX ACCESS and DRIVE ACCESS


The congress docket will be released the week prior to the start of the tournament on the tabroom page. Schools will not need to submit bills. The docket will be based on a selection of bills from the NSDA 2021 Nationals Docket as well as a selection from the NSDA September and October dockets. The selection will be made by the West High coaching staff. Email to


Entry limits and judging obligations


First 6 entries from each school will be accepted. The rest will be placed on a waiting list and entered as the division entry allows.


Varsity debate and speech students can judge. Use your varsity kids.


1 judge for every 2 PF teams or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 2 LD entries or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 2 CX teams or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 5 speech entries or fraction thereof.





$18 School Fee


LD   $15 per entry

PF   $20 per entry

CX   $25 per entry


Speech   $10 per entry


$75 per LD, PF, and Speech judge


$100 per CX judge






Saturday- Will accelerate when we can.




                     PF and LD Schedule

9:00               Round 1

10:30             Round 2

11:30             Lunch Break

12:30             Round 3

2:00               Round 4

3:30               Round 5

5:00              Semifinals

6:15              Finals              


CX Schedule

9:00               Round 1

11:00           Round 2

1:00             Lunch Break

1:30             Round 3

4:00             Semifinals

6:30             top teams from pods debate in finals



                      Speech Schedule

9:00               Extemp Draw

9:30               Round 1

10:30             Extemp Draw

11:00             Round 2

12:00             Lunch Break

1:00               Extemp Draw

1:30               Round 3

2:30               Extemp Draw

3:00               Round 4




9 AM to 11:30 AM- Session 1

1 PM to 3:30 PM- Session 2