Westlake LASA TFA Swing

2023 — Austin, TX/US

Welcome to the 2023  Westlake  LASA  Swing!

We are a TFA qualifier tournament in-person at Westlake High School on Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st. The Westlake-side is also a NIETOC qualifier.

- All TFA & NIETOC qualifying events will be offered.  All TFA rules will be followed and enforced across events. We will also be offering several non-qualifying divisions, including novice debate events, novice extemporaneous speaking, prose & poetry.

- An adult or chaperone from your school must be present at all times. Unfortunately, our tournament cannot accept independent entries at this time.

- To encourage participation in World Schools, we are offering 1 free entry per school in that event (until we have 9 entries in the event). This includes a waiving of the WSD judge obligation. Fees will be manually adjusted to reflect this free entry as we get closer to the date of the tournament. This is a great opportunity to get some kids state points for the first time!

**Key Tournament Sites**

Tabroom: Room 276

Hospitality: Commons Teacher's Lounge

Extemp Draw/Pre-Tournament Holding Area: Ninth-Grade Center Cafeteria

 Concessions/Tournament Meeting Area: Lower Floor Commons & Chap Court


The Westlake LASA Swing will run Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st for all debate events and divisions, and run a single day on Saturday, January 21st for all speech events. 

The full, tentative schedule may be found on the right panel, along with the topics/motions/pieces of legislation for debate.


COVID-19 Protocols:

-All tournament participants are encouraged to wear masks while not competing.

-Students, coaches, judges, or volunteers experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days of the tournament should not come to the tournament. While we will not likely be able to refund entry or judge fees, there will be no additional drop fees charged for drops related to COVID-19 symptoms or positive test results.

-Although not required by TEA, if a tournament attendee associated with your school does contract COVID after the tournament, please contact Cale McCrary so that efforts can be made to notify possible close contacts.



School Address: 4100 Westbank Dr, Austin, TX 78746.

Refer to the following map for guidance on which lots to use.

****Note: The Ninth Grade Center Rotunda/'Fish Bowl' Entrance will be the main tournament entrance. 

Friday Directions:

Parking at Westlake on Friday's can be difficult. 

- If you are bringing a small to midsized passenger vehicle, you may be able to find open parking spots in the PAC or TLC parking lots before school release at 4:15. 

- If you are attempting to park a large school vehicle, we do not recommend attempting to find parking prior to 4:30-4:45 on Friday. If you do need to come early, we recommend using the nearby Stein Mart to park your bus temporarily, and to reach out to McCrary directly for directions.


Saturday Directions: 

All lots should have available parking. The PAC and TLC lots are most convenient for getting in & out of Westlake. 


Additional Accommodations:

The LASA & Westlake teams strive to make our tournament as accessible a place and environment as possible for all competitors. If you are in need of additional accommodations to make competing possible, do not hesitate to email the tournament director. 





We look forward to hosting you all in January!!!


- LASA & Westlake Speech & Debate




Tournament Directors

Cale McCrary

Westlake Director


(210) 501-4480


Yao Yao Chen

LASA Director